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Friday, January 10, 2014

Australian Education- Chris Pyne nips the nefarious Left in the nipple (ouch)

And...the Education Unions narcissistic layabout thugs are 'pining' for the good old days of them wearing the Jackboots and stomping on the little people to they consider 'thought criminals'...well folks..those days are GONE, at least until we become stupid enough yet again to put such  unworthy creatures as Bill Shorten, Juliar Gillard, or, heaven forbid, some green tinged government from the dark side in power .  Pynes prodding of the Education system is really about the sexual deviance promoted by the Left. WHAT? you say? Hear me out, and here's how I got there.

i) Pyne (= Coalition) is seeking to DEpoliticize an already highly politicized education curriculum which, under the Green dominated Labor lapdogs had become very politicized toward the 'Republican' direction. Pyne I'm guessing and ilk are Monarchists through and through. So step one is about a fight between Republicans and Monarchists.
ii) Some of the Republican forces in Labor are possibly sincere, but they don't run the agenda. The Labor agenda is run by people like Eddie Obeid, Michael Hutchinson, Bill Shorten, Craig Thompson and Paul Howes. They represent the Dark side. A bit more hidden and less obvious are the faceless forces driving them!
iii) The increasing power through political interference and influence of the sexual deviants both lesbian and homosexual, is manifesting itself in such seemingly docile terminology called "Human Rights".  Far from being tame, way beyond docile, these degenerates are acting in diabolical ways, seeking to infect the minds of our children and grandchildren with insidious ways of thinking about human sexuality that is more reflective of their own sensual but primal deviance than the sound morality of a society which has not lost it's way. They seek to stultify the mainstream with radical threats to people, and intimidation.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell  "1984"

Christopher Pyne strikes me as an arrogant egotistical blighter. But like all of us, in spite of his character flaws he can serve a useful purpose in salvaging some of our children from the vice like left wing extremist  grip of the Australian Education Union.
Liberal Education Minister Chris Pyne.


Oh the howl, the hollering, and the hollowness of the hilarious hysteria of the Left expressed in a couple of interviews with Leftish not so notables (except in their own mind) when Pyne announced we need to place more emphasis in the school curriculum on the Western History from which we all (by far the vast majority) emerged.
Howler number 1 was Richard DiNatali, self appointed Green Messiah of Australia, in his words, Pyne's announcement was to attack Aussie Education'... amazing stuff.. looking at where we've come from, and how we got here, and the philosophical strands that shaped our culture is.. "an attack on the root of our education" ??? Well Di Natali is deserving of a decent electoral whallop in his obviously unbalanced head, but unfortunately, he will not stand for election where the electorate is characterized by normality and decency, so he's safe for a while.

His stated goal is to 'de' politicize the Education curriculum.  That's what the Education Union and Labor screamed about.. "How DARE you do what we've already done for our own social/political benefit"  is a fair translation of the Leftist extremist hysteria.

But  I doubt Pyne/Liberals will do anything different from that which any political party would do, ie.. try to use education to assist in creating a social 'tone' which is more conducive to them being reinstalled at the next election.  The history bit is a kind of side show to that. It's important for us to know and appreciate our roots, in fact it's essential, but 'how' that information is presented, selected, emphasized, de-emphasized is where the 'political' Camel pokes it's hairy nose in the tent.

All sides will do it, and Labor and the Greens are just whining and moaning because they believe they have more right to dictate to our children a particular flavor of education which aims at promoting a 'global governance' ideology that will neuter our independence and sovereignty.

This issue is very important and slogans and hype aside, the future of the nation is....at stake.
Do you think I want my grand children to grow up in a society that just sweeps the degeneracy of Bill Shorten (alleged) under the carpet and would seriously entertain the idea of such a man becoming Prime minister? I have similar sentiments for Mr Abbot also, though the moral and social corrosion will be slower under him.

 Labor's education spokeswoman Kate Ellis said that Mr Pyne's review threatened to take the national curriculum backwards. (SMH) Really? how about backwards to a state of usefulness and solid information about our origins? Now that would be a refreshing change from the nihilism of the Left.

''The curriculum should not be treated as a political football - politicians should not be determining the details of what is taught in the classroom,''  Really Kate?  hmm so...when 'you' or your mob of politicians determine what goes in the curriculum it has nothing to do with 'politicians' ? Get off your high horse of pharisaical political puritanism and speak some truth and balance for a change instead of implying that what you did/do is any different from the current mob.

Just remember the key to understanding politics is to realize that it's all about competing groups of social networks, and wealthy people who seek power to cement and stimulate their fortunes and families.  I have long abandoned the idea that "this" or "that" side of politics is ever going to redeem this nation from the clutches of pseudo marxist academic claptrap and tyranny, I have resigned myself to the idea that the best government is not adversarial as we have now, but cooperative and accountable.

If a bozo or a dingbat has a good education, even a Phd, it does not make him qualified to guide the nation, it makes him or her a phenomenal dud!  But if I have to choose between the lesser of two evils, I'll go with pompous Pyne over sinful, sleazy Shorten anyday.  All of the above constitutes my personal opinion.


POSTSCRIPT. "Right or Left"? It might be imagined that supporting Pynes approach is to label myself as politically "Right" because I strongly criticize the Left.  To assume such would be incorrrect. I operate from what I consider to be a centrist position.

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