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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Open Letter from Australia to African American Nissan workers at Canton, Mississipi

Dear Friends, I am writing this to plead with you to look larger and longer than the short term promises of the UAW. Please remember these important facts before making a decision about whether to vote for the Union to represent you.

Facebook Page  "Nissan Workers reject the UAW sordid seduction attempt (Mississippi)"

The history of the demands made by the UAW in large part explains the reasons for GM bankruptcy and the other 2 of the big 3 teetering on the edge of a great cliff of oblivion.  Yes, compared to how they began, the UAW obtained (through extortion) unbelievable rewards and levels of pay for the Big 3 workers..yes.. they did. But as Walter Reuther once said in his speech around 1965.. "This is only the beginning"....but he should have said "This is the beginning....of the end"
The 'end' did not come within weeks of the new astonishing welfare system demanded from the Corporations.  But it did come. You all know when.
In Australia, where I am.. late last  year we have heard that Ford and GM are to close in Australia. Not 1000s, but tens of thousands of people will be effected and lose their jobs. All the supply chain workers outside of the company will also be in dole queue's soon.
When the Union stubbornly tries to continue demanding and demanding... there is a logical end point where it simply becomes unaffordable to do business at that place. Australia right now is living proof of what will happen to you guys and gals if you allow the UAW to represent you.

HISTORY OF DECEPTION.  The UAW has never stood for demoracy and pushing for the so called "Employee free choice" Act was a global joke that apparently only the UAW could not see. You know what it's like brothers and sisters.. you know... the Unions use virtual standover tactics to intimidate workers into signing their 'cards' in support of Union representation.

THE UAW is only interested in the interests of the UAW leadership.  While hapless workers are laid off, they are NEVER laid off.You know this. Walter Reuther said around 1965, that the industry had become so profitable that all their 'demands' will not come from the tax payer but from the profits of the corporations.     He illustrated this point by saying that  in 1947 (around this time) 620,000 workers produced something like 4.7 Million cars, trucks and tractors.   A few years later,  640,000 produced 11 million of the same.   This amazing increase in efficiency and productivity was cited as reasons to create economic and social utopia for the workers of the Big Three.   But where did this increase in productivity come from?  Well, of course it came from improved automation.  Taking this to it's logical conclusion, as manufacturing efficiency increases, the need for labor/workers decreases. So...those who would have been employed to produce the extra vehicles were not employed.. machines were.
The singular point Mr Reuther failed to spot was that the workers did not invest any of their income in the corporation..... (perhaps some did?) and where did the money for the machines to give improved efficiency come from ?   It came from a) Retained profits,   b) Loans if needed and c) From the stockholders in shares purchased.  If Mr Reuther really cared about the 'workers' benefitting from their labor, he would simply have told them to buy shares in GM.  Did he? No, of course not.  If they bought shares they would receive two things, i) A dividend according to the performance of the company, and ii) A higher value of their shares.

Manufacturing is based on predictable and set costs of materials and labor.  Mess with either, and you jeopardize the whole viability of the company.


LIES. When Bob King comes to you and rants about 'justice' ..he is speaking to workers who are already paid much better than other manufacturing workers in Mississippi... go figure!  King is making up fantasies so he and his other full time Union reps can continue to live high and talk mighty....but with the internet these days, workers can have a much better informed mind. Please use those minds to reject Unionization!  Trying to link already well paid and free workers situation to the civil rights struggle is a blatant insult to MLKjr's memory. In his day, sanitation workers in Birmingham were paid much less..but now? You are paid much more than everyone else. There is no civil rights 'anything' in this that an honest man with a conscience would swallow.

CONCLUSION. I've written lots about this in other articles and drawn from a number of sources including those of UAW president Walter Reuther.  That man was killed in a Lear Jet while travelling to some Union function. Can you tell me what's the difference between Reuther in a Lear Jet and the CEO in a Lear Jet?   Have a look at other Union and UAW articles in this blog for fuller information.

What good is a $50/day pay rise if it causes the company to close? (and close they will)

These feral Union people only want to impose the jackboot of tyranny on you rather than use the soft shoe of persuasion.. this is how they act! The NLRB is nothing other than a thinly disguised despotic tyrant which will consume you and destroy the nation.

The deadline passed yesterday for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to file petitions at the U.S. Supreme Court to appeal one or both federal appeals court decisions striking down a new Board rule that required virtually every private-sector employer in the country to post biased information about employee rights online and in the workplace. (source)

Please read and reflect on this:

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