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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who are the Melbourne "East West Tunnel" Protesters ?

That's easy. It's the same feral unwashed communist rabble that were at the Geert Wilders event in Somerton... I recognize many of them. The red haired girl was there.. many others also. They are just the same dirty Socialist alternative/Socialist Alliance cretins who jump at any issue that has some kind of potential to be controversial and attack it like a Pit Bull on a Chihuahua.

They try to milk the issue using seditious violence, mayhem and madness.  Of course they don't care squat about the actual issue other than  that it's 'controversial' and can be exploited to raise their own profile.  In reality these feral wild animals masquerading as humans, have their eyes on their future living in some plush Southbank apartment when they have been given some cushy Labor party public service job.  As Paul Howes discovered....being a "a member of Melbourne Resistance" today.... can lead to 'Company Director and well paid Union boss tomorrow.  He was partly healed of this socialist disease by a visit to Cuba, and he exchanged his passion for 'revolution' with passion for political evolution and high living.

Don't make anything of these scoundrels protesting the EW Tunnel, they are just the usual rent-a-crowd that rocks up to anything they can use.

“What we saw today was quite ugly … pulling down fencing and jumping onto this work site that was operating at the time was quite dangerous.”
Ms Elliott, 60, claimed she had been punched by police as she attempted to pull down a wire fence.
‘‘We were trying to pull the fence down. A lot of police jumped on me, one looked me in the eyes and punched me in the face,’’ she said. ‘‘I'm not a chronic protester. Last time I was in a protest was for apartheid. I'm very proud of us ladies to show police they can't bully us.’’ (source: The Age)

See how these jokers plead innocent?  The reality is that this same mob of anarchists and communists engaged in the worst form of violence imaginable against an elderly man at the Wilders protest.
At 0.20 second mark you will see Anthony Main, the vile serial pest of Melbourne, engaging in violence against police. This is nothing new for Main who hurled an elderly man to the bitumen at Somerton at the Wilders protest. You will also see a red haired girl in the same scene,  I'm guessing she is Main's bed chew toy as they turn up together all the time. Then there is Darren Rosso with the beard near the Red haired girl. He was at the Wilders event also.

In this video you can clearly see Anthony Main ready to hurl the elderly man to the ground. Main was assisted in this brutal crime by Alex Sproul (bald)  son of a former painters and dockers Union 'vigilance' officer.

Main is a violent criminal with criminal friends. He has no place telling others about what should or should not be built in Melbourne.

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