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Thursday, December 12, 2013

VICTORIAN PARAMEDICS...go back to work and stop sulking.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, rather, ask what you can do for your country" (J.F.Kennedy)

PARAMEDICS...(Nurses and Teachers too) how about this?  You want more...you demand more.. however, you all forget one thing. "We" are your paymasters.  "We" the people.. the tax payers. No one forced you to take up your present occupation. When you entered this work, you did so with eyes wide open..... you can do what I just did, look up "Career Opportunities for Paramedics" on the Government website and find out how much you would be paid.  Then, you make an informed, rational decision.."Yes" or.."No".

 If our jobs are falling like flies after a spray with Chinese made Mortein, and our own ability to repay our mortgages is crumbling as I write....do you think we want to be taxed even more to fund your romantic narcissistic fiscal aspirations? Or perhaps you want our existing taxes to be duck-shoved from public health and into your hungry greedy  pockets? I don't think so!

AVERAGE SALARY  for a Paramedic is.. $60,250.

Starting Salary is $50,000 

Not bad biccies. A Teacher begins with $55,000 with an Average of $66,000

Ok.. so you Paramedics are  a bit behind teachers.

But both of you are wayyyyy behind far less educated builders laborers who, with all their allowances and 'conditions'....around $80-100k. Electricians (Unionized) can get up to $150k)

Do you sense there is something wrong here?

Isn't it weird..... you the teacher or paramedic have a degree and the laborer has minimal education and the electrician might have 2 yrs Tafe.

But people...the 'wrong' bit is not that teachers and paramedics are paid (from the public purse) so little it is that the laborer and sparky are paid so MUCH!

Holding building sites to ransom, (stopping concrete pours) and kidnapping our children (teachers striking for more money)  does not endear you or your cause to 'we the public' who's taxes pay your wages.  Whether you are a teacher paid from the State or a laborer paid from a construction company who then takes money from us when we buy an apartment or house...... it all comes from our pockets.
How about 'we' go on strike in paying you ?

The Napthine government has offered 12% over 3 years to Paramedics.  $7000ish..not bad!  and you reject this?
There are around 4400 Victorian paramedics.
12 % increase in pay will cost me and other tax payers = $33 million.
Where would this money come from? Ok..let's take a few million from the Children's hospital?
(a hospital which cost MEGA bucks more than it should have due to the CFMEU holding us all to ransom and using thug bully tactics to force the employment of 'their' members at 'their' huge pay packts-specially the bosses!)
Or let's take $33 million from child care ?  Or...perhaps we can take it from (Fill-in-the-blank) other places we currently fund..or... worst case scenario.. take it from...."us". That will make our lives so much easier and happier... having $33 million ripped out of our ability to educate and clothe and feed our children and pay our mortgages!

You Paramedics have become polarized by radical voices and the public is paralyzed.
Well done whiners!

PS... take those ridiculous hand drawn slogans off our (OUR!!!) Ambulances...they do not contribute positively to our sense of faith in the service.(note..SERVICE)

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