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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ukraine Unrest...who is pulling the strings, and why?

 When it comes to Euro politics where unrest is happening, it's always a good exercise of self informing, to dig a little deeper.

The following nations experienced 'Revolutions' around 1989

-East Germany

There is a man who claims to have helped these quite a bit, and his name is George Soros, who admits to having experienced fantasies about being 'god'. He is mega wealthy, and Jewish.
The current unrest in Ukraine has seen one man rise to prominence and he was interviewed on CNN this morning. His name isArseniy Yatsenyuk.  You might like to do a google on his early life and into what race he was born.  That might shed some light on  a possible connection with Mr Soros.

If you want to understand this 'revolution' in Ukraine, just watch to see which people are hoisted onto the shoulders of others, while holding megaphones with which to incite and agitate the crowd.  These kinds of large public gatherings do not happen out of the blue.. if they happen to be an expression of a particular outrage felt by many... their enthusiasm will wane after a bit of spleen venting.

Sheep need a shepherd.  I wonder who the Ukrainian sheep look to as their current Shepherd? I also wonder what his true agenda is and who is financing this capaign? Dig...dig....dig.
George Soros (Jewish Billionaire)

Arsenly Yatsenyuk Ukraine opposition (Jewish)

 The bit that is not easy to understand is Yatsenyuk's allegiance with the man below:

Oleg Tanibok Ukraine Politician- leader of  the Svoboda party (anti Jewish?)

 This is tricky.  Tanibok  is on record as follows:

In April 2005, Tyahnybok co-signed an open letter to President Yushchenko calling for a parliamentary investigation into the "criminal activities of organized Jewry in Ukraine."

So this story  seems to raise as many questions as it answers.. more so. We have the Ukrainian  who is demanding an investigation into Jewish organized crime in the Ukraine and he himself  is in league with a Jewish politician who (as George Soros wants) wants Ukraine to come into the European Union.

There is much more going on here than we are being told...but what?

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