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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Serial Pest ultra right wing extremist Nazi-Anthony Main of Melbourne goes psycho. (East West Tunnel protesters)

Anthony Main (centre) and some of his Nazi thug gang. (The part of that image cut off shows Main hurling an elderly man to the bitumen to prevent the man accessing an event Main does not approve of. Police carried off the bald Sproul in a not too friendly headlock.

Anthony Main is a man on a mission. His mission is to destroy Australian society and replace it with his own version that he picked up along the corpse strewn path to Marxism.  Main and his small gang of ultra right wing extremists, prefer to use the Jackboot of the Tyrant, rather than the soft shoe of persuasive democracy to make other people comply with their evil ambitions for Australia.
Main speaks about tolerance and inclusion a lot, yet he is one of the most intolerant and non inclusive people in Melbourne.
Main needs an education, a re-education, an indefinite  period in a 're-education' facility.

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