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Monday, December 16, 2013

The "Job Advertisement"

"An exciting opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic and self-motivated person to join our Operations Team as a xxxxx Controller based at our xxxxxxx office.
You will be responsible for allocating jobs to our xxxxxx and ensuring that all jobs are done
Previous experience in a similar role is essential. 
If you are committed to service excellence and have the passion to be a part of a professional and elite team then this is the job for you!"

Now the real version.

"One of our highly motivated workers has done a huge dummy spit, declaring he is worth much more than we think he is. He also claimed that he cannot work with so and so, and consistently absented himself when the pressure was on. He ended our work relationship with repeated gestures commonly called 'The Finger'...and stormed out.

*Smile*... isn't  *spin* amazing. Both of those stories could be entirely true, different sides of the same coin.

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