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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Influence of Well Educated but Stupid Rich People. (The America First Committee)

Have you ever seen how stupid some 'smart' well educated and wealthy people can be ?

I was just watching something on the history channel which showed how America slid uncomfortably into World War II with the Pearl Harbor attack. In the lead up to that atttack, world events were snowballing chaotically into uncharted territory. The Nazi's had taken France, Japan was looting and pillaging China, Mussolini had taken total power in Italy, and although this 'writing' on the wall of the global landscape was written in copperplate clarity there were some remarkably high profile and well educated people who's literacy skills seemed to be very much wanting.

These  people included even  future presidents, John F Kennedy, Gerald Ford, and PeaceCorps founder Sargent Schriver, Vick Chemical company's H.Smith Richardson and others.  The classic historical irony of this misguided,  though well intentioned committee is epitomized in one glowing moment when Gerald Nye was roaring like a steam train in full flight making a speech to the effect that America must keep to itself, and should stop heading towards international conflict, a note was handed to him by an assistant,  "Pearl Harbor has just been attacked".

Incredibly, Nye continued for another 45 minutes ranting and raving and, given the content of the note handed to him, "babbling" about how America must stay isolated and self interested, while the bombs are still falling on US warships.

I think the lesson in all of this, is never allow ourselves to be guided by idiots. Some idiots are well educated, wealthy and powerful, but they are still idiots. It appears John F Kennedy did learn something from this period because when push came to shove later in the Cuban Missile crisis with the Soviet Union, and while there were still "Nye" type so called peace  campaigners strutting around the nation, he did make the right call and avoided peace at the price of liberty. Ben Franklin was one who gave us some memorable quotes about this subject.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. (BF)

But this next quote is pithy and powerful and I hope finds a place in your own heart.

A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one.(BF)

They say a good 'sermon'  must end with application. It's not enough to say "here is truth"... we need to take it to the next step...."here is truth and THIS is what we should do about it".

So, if it's possible for a bunch of blockheads to have power, rule a country, determine the national destiny, how are we the sprawling masses to survive? Well it's pretty simple really. Do some clear and long term thinking, assess those in power not just by what they say, but by what they do, look more closely at events and who's driving them, and look for people who truly represent common sense, sound reality and don't have their strings pulled by some political or Union 'machine'.  I suggest that one such person is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  He is a man who could see a really simple problem and come up with a very workable solution.
Governor Scott Walker (Wisconsin)

Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey)

The problem was, that the State of Wisconsin had only enough money to last to the end of 2011 without going bankrupt. If it continued to spend like there was no tomorrow, by the end of 2012 they would be......broke.  He identified the cause of the problem, which was a circle/cycle of Democrat polititians in league with public service Unions, who's demands for 'more, bigger, better'...as in pay packets and perks, and the use of 'collective bargaining' to achieve those ever increasing conditions.
His first act was to dislocate and destroy the economically destructive collective bargaining process, and then force Government departments to operate according to what they actually had, not what they wished they had or wanted.

This resulted in some layoff's from the public service including teachers, and oh my...the howl and hue and cry was heard even in my little patch in Australia. Unions, seething with rage, gnashing their teeth (literally), volatile with violence and attempting to occupy the Parliament /Congress building to force their will on the people, and the democrat yes men politicians fleeing the Capital en-mass to avoid a legal quorum in the legisltature and thus prevent any votes on Gov. Walkers initiatives.

Such was their angst they also orchestrated a 're-call' election to oust Walker.  They got their recall, and the only thing it did was to re-call Walker into his elected position as Governor. Welllll....that didn't work out so well now did it? These public service blockheads believed that if they were loud enough for long enough, and if other Unionists from the public service joined them, and they had massive marches (with bussed in people from outside the state) and expressed enough expletives, beat up enough people, used corrupt doctors to falsify 'sick' certificates so they wouldn't lose pay.. etc.. then they could turn the tide of public opinion in their favor.

It didn't work.  In this case the 'public' were smart enough to realize what was going on. Now America.... I believe that in spite of the increasing lack of freedom in your media, the increasing repression from the Obama puppet regime and the shrill hysterical voices from his 'community organizations' -that you can find some one like Walker for your own state. I would not be particularly unhappy if you even made Gov.Walker your next president! He has the runs on the board, and in contrast to say Chris Christie, can manage his weight. My only regret is that you would be limited to a choice between two parties.. Republican and Democrat.  If you see true value in a viable independent, choose him or her. Always remember one thing, vested interest, manipulators and agitators managed to get a crowd to shout "Release for us Barabbas" rather than Jesus. Be careful of those who characterize the voice of reason, conscience and sound fiscal management as 'racists, loons, and bigots'.

A sober understanding of human nature and history is needed to comprehensively outline a future that is free of most of the failures and weaknesses of the past. Having said that, I do not believe that it is ever possible for any political 'system' to be foolproof, especially if some fool gets control of it. However, if we compare say the ideologically driven Marxist totalitarian state with the so called free democracies of the West, we can see a vast difference in both material prosperity and social freedom. So we might be lured into the conclusion that Western Democracy is much more preferable to  the totalitarian despotism that Communist and Socialist states become if not begin in that way.

Such an assessment would be fatally flawed because it ignores the very real 'trend' and trajectory of these very young democracies. Plato said that the various forms of government include  Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, democracy and then....the transition to....Tyranny!   So, while we have moved away from the dominance and despotism of a Monarch which has been reduced to symbolic status, and through Timocracy and Oligarchy ( but have we?) now we reside in the last town on the highway to Tyranny hell. Keep in mind, that our current system is  primarily adversarial and competitive for power and the privilege of holding the knife which cuts the national economic cake.  That cannot be a good system because it suggests a cold civil war going on at all times.  In the division between Union organized workers and the owners of capital, there is a time bomb set to go off as soon as outside competition arises.  This is how it went for the United Auto Workers Union in Detroit which is now an utter Mad Max ghost town and is bankrupt. 

This was a predictable scenario where the incessant demands by the UAW were continual and growing. It began, under Walter Reuther in 1936 with the simple demand "We want to be heard... to have a voice". (GM strikes). But it grew from this to a kind of mini welfare state with even the families of workers being guaranteed social security from the company, health care.. retirement and each year the UAW demanded two increases in pay. One for the cost of living adjustment and the second called a "Wage Improvement" factor. At the same time they were demanding that the Company not increase it's prices to recover the losses from increased labor costs.  This kind of bozo the clown economics could only have one endgame..and they are playing it now on the deserted, barren street-scape of Detroit, surrounded by empty and dilapidated buildings, broken windows, jungle growing in the houses and offices... But in the 'journey' to this situation Mr Reuther was flitting from conference to city in Union paid private jets. A healthy skepticism of both armed missionaries and people bearing gifts is always a good thing. The old 'too good to be true' saying is indeed true, but in industrial relations, it seems many people are happy to have a short term gain, and are blind to the long term pain.

Is there another approach which would be better suited to the genuine interests of all?  I believe there is, and I can only offer these thoughts for the national interest of currently democratic nations before they slide into the dark valley of death under Tyranny.  The link below is written with Australia in mind, but the principles can be applied to any free country.

Toward Principles of National Renewal.

You can have all the 'light' in the world.... intense, glaring, bright, but if you don't have sight, it's not worth a thing.

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