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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The 'Evil' Jessica Mauboy is guilty of Animal Cruelty ?

If you believed the imbeciles who attacked her on social media about her hunting for magpie Geese...definitely. But if you realize that Jess Mauboy is indigenous, you'll quickl tweak to the fact that hunting for wildlife is part of her own cultural DNA.

The level of intellectual bankruptcy in some of her fans is exceeded only by the lunacy of any media spinartists like 9msn who actually give oxygen to such muttonheaded so called fans. I mean..how many of her followers would deny her the right to 'be' what she is.. an indigenous woman?

Clearly they would be very few...but those stupid, moronic few suddenly get air time on 9msn?...err..why?  Well obviously because the situation is a bit of 'ratings' gold ..and nothing like controversy brings people to your web site like schoolyard kids to a fight.

Nuff said.

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