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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Demise of GM (Holden) Australia.

yes.. "or"...the demise of the AMWU, the union which is 90% of the cause of GM reviewing it's decision to manufacture in Australia.  They try to run, hide, shy away, cringe and cower from the beast of "Labor Costs", those feral journalists who are a-feared of the wrath of the likes of Paul Smith of the AMWU who yesterday pontificated and poured out his crocodile tears about how hard the "workers" had had it to keep GM going.

He tried to wax eloquent and used flowery phrases and scented syntax to convey 'concern' for the poor workers who will lose their jobs when GM closes. But ya know?....the one bloke who will NOT lose his 'job' is....Paul Smith of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. In his delicately disguised diatribe he offered some history about the situation of GM in the USA, ...how it went to the wall, how the workers "didn't quite accept a halving of their pay/conditions"  yet in the next breath on the ABC he said.. "their pay went from $38/hr down to $19/hr".....go figure... last time I used a calculator 19 was half of 38!  He whimpered sympathetically for the poor workers who tried to do their bit to save GM Australia by working one week on...one week off. (that also seems like  a halving) But once more... did HE go one week on, one week off? Nope..Paul Smith and the AMWU bosses would still be drawing their lavish pay packets and living their opulent lifestyles.

In the course of his whining and recapping the recent history of GM in the USA, he failed to mention the role of the United Auto Workers in bringing about the crushing crash of GM America by historically beginning in 1936 asking for their voices to be heard, to the ultimate industrial Krakatoa when the poo finally hit the fan and it sprayed workers in all directions against the wall!

Now.. we need to do some internationalist geo-economic thinking here.  Holden might close down in Australia, hmm...ok... who will benefit from this?  Firstly, the company as a whole (except in Australia)-if they made Holdens in Korea for example, we would still have our sentimental link with our  'old FJ', the workers in Australia will be thrown on the scrap heap, and this healthier GM bottom line will benefit....guess who?  The UAW of America!  It will give them more leverage to bludgeon management into revealing how much profit they make, and how much more they can afford to pay those workers in America.

I'm only speculating here of course,  but I wonder if there is not some secret deal emerging between the AMWU and the UAW (United Auto Workers-USA) that will allow people like Unionist Dave Smith and his feral Aussie  ilk to bluster and blather about the poor workers, while shoring up his own job in the Union.  Given the rather self interested nature of human beings, I somehow doubt that the purported "International Solidarity" of  "Workers of the World Unite" will extend to American Auto workers subsidizing the scrapheaped Aussie workers.

Dave Smith and his drongo Union is to blame for GM Australia's collapse. The cost of manufacturing is what this is all about. Smith foamed at the mouth, dribbling globules of Kumodo like toxic historical saliva,about how "every time there is talk about a shut down, this old tired debate about the cost of labor arises"....well Dave... "duh"..... as IF it would not crop up!  You are a past use-by date dinosaur Mr Smith, and your Union is well past that date also. Just like the slow impact of the toxins from the Kumodo dragon's drool that still finally kill a huge Buffalo or a Deer.... so too will the poison from self interested Union leaders like Smith and the AMWU bosses who lived the dream for so long.. (and the high life if Craig Thompson is any indication).. running helter skelter toward their utopian goal of 'high wage jobs'  utterly oblivious of the industrial  neuro toxins at work in the flesh of the companies they wage economic war against.

Sad...yes.. sad because silly stupid people (workers) believe such Union lunacy, they remind me of the suckers who write into Rev Peter Popov for his "free miracle spring water"....that ends up costing $17.95 "administration fee".  Just as Popov did what he did for his own sake..for his own luxury, for his own plush pad in paradise.... it is my opinion that AMWU and other Union leaders are not far behind.

Smiths pathetic, lamentable display of pseudo sorrow and his "I'm sorry" turning away from the camera's 'apologizing' for being upset was too much to endure. The time for sorry and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth is longgggg ago when you were promising the sad workers an ever better deal and better conditions and pay. "That" was the time to fess up that you were exploiting their greed for your own job security stakes.

Not only does Smith the Squirrel display fake tears and melancholy, he also arcs it up further by blaming the current (newly elected) Federal Government. We've just has 6 yrs of Labor, Smiths side, and now suddenly a new team which has barely placed it's toe into the pool.... is the true culprit?  If you believe that folks.. have a look out your window, you might see  a flying pig pass by.

These Union bosses will promise you the sun the moon and every star in the sky, if only you will join them and appoint them as your representatives in industrial relations. 
Of course they'll have their stock in trade success stories. "Best wages and conditions in Australia" they will shamelessly strut back and forth like a prancing pony, delivering their harangue until they are hoarse, but not a syllable will they state  about those who's  jobs they have shamelessly squandered to China because the business became uncompetitive, unredeemable, unrecoverable and unfixable.

With their elegant siren song of 'we'll get you more, bigger and better'   they whisper,... "just join us!" they woo you and coo at you and ask for your hand in a marriage of industrial economic convenience, but then, when you  succumb to their swindle,  they seize  you in a vice like grip, and you surrender sound thinking and are carried away with them into the illusory mirage of unending, prosperity through ever growing wages and inflated conditions ; -then they peel off their 'nice' mask and they say "sit" and you sit, they say "jump" and you ask "how high", they say "stand" and you snap to attention on parade for your new despotic masters.

The honeymoon turns into a nightmare, the tenderness of the courtship gives way to the brutality of  ownership. Reality bites like a redback spider and the Son, Moon and Stars end up being nothing more than a crappy pebble of a small and insignificant burnt out meteorite!

They first learn how to be unconscionable, then they promise you the unsustainable,  trumpet the  undeliverable, only to do.... the unthinkable and unforgiveable.  Go slow tactics at a Childrens hospital construction site, delaying tactics at a new Cancer centre, all to get 'you' on the payroll as one of their members. Can you work on such a site with a clear consience?
They treat you as nothing more than a slave and a servant, a person who is now a pawn rather  than a prince.. one who is expendable in the greater scheme of Union leadership job security with Monster trucks, holiday getaways, lavish apartments, luxury cars and perhaps even prostitutes and ultimately their own political advancement.

Wake up you Aussies.. or people will start calling you Galah's and Drongo's. Neither the world, nor your current employer owes you a living. "YOU" owe you a living.  We all have to do what it takes (legally) to make ends meet. If we have squandered our youth in stupid living, boozing and abusing our bodies for the sake of short term highs....then don't expect to have much of a future or life at 40.
Even if you have your hopes in a militant union and you work in a large company, today's events with Holden have demonstrated that a Union can kick, scream, demand, denounce, promise the world and pursue its goals with violence and blockades, whine, moan, plead, beg ... and it does not amount to a hill of beans when the company says "Enough is enough, we are outa here"....

So any worker who has been deceptively convinced by a Union organizer that he and his union clout can get you more more more etc... is just smoke and mirrors in the end. There was a time when those things worked. Today? nah.. too much competition from China and all those former colonies. Indonesia, India,Vietnam, Burma Philippines... now they are biting us in the bum with low labor costs etc.

PS...the only way Australia can have 'high paying high skill' jobs is.. for people with an appropriate education and who are part of some innovative high tech industry that is unlikely to be quickly challenged by cheaper overseas interests.  Keep in mind, China and other countries operate at the absolute lowest of bottom feeding methodology by stealing intellectual property and using cheap labor to capitalize on it, so even this mantra of high wage high skill jobs is just puff the magic dragon blowing off hot air.  Then there is the other side of this same coin...high wage high skill?  err..cough... here's the deal. "high skill" is not what an average  "worker" has or is likely to get other than through experience for a fairly low tech job.   You can't make a low tech person into a high tech person other than by putting him or her in charge of a machine that does all the hard yards with the 'thinking' and productivity dimensions of making something. So, we are actually back to "Low skill people/High skill machines". 

If that approach is not taken productivity and therefore competitiveness will be drowned while trying to come up for air. Forget it!

A Vision for a better future.(?)

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