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Friday, December 6, 2013

Politics-Who are the Spenders and Menders?

The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender
Good lookin', so refined
Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind?

(Shirley Bassey-Hey Big Spender)

I don't hate to say "I told you so"...no..I love it!  I told you so!  Wayne (Ugly Duckling) Swan did exactly as I said he would, he (and his 'Big Spender' party-Labor) spent like there is no tomorrow, and borrowed like there will be no fiscal judgement day.  He had to do this, for two major reasons. One was to characterize his own party (Labor) as the party of the disadvantaged, the do-gooders, the play fair mob.. and the second, is so that when they find themselves out of office and the "Menders" in power (Coalition), those would be menders find that the only thing they can do to remedy the hurricane of economic devastation wrought by Labor, is to clamp down, cut back and pull the plug.

This makes them look 'evil'...and Labor as the good guy who was trounced by a punch below the belt. In other words, the non viable, unsustainable Labor 'big spending'.... is also a political insurance policy. Now  out of office, they can say to the incumbent 'menders' .. "aaaah.... backflip....broken promises..... misers... scrooge... grinch" and so it goes. 

The silly part of all this is the dumb and dumber Coalition was stupid enough to claim two things. "There will be no broken promises by this government" and "No school will be worse off under our now abandoned Gonski program or education reform".   That's an interesting statement. "Not worse off" means remaining exactly as they are now. It also means they are no better off! 

But this raises the same old coconut about what Gonski was all about?  In short it was the capitalist who portrays himself as a champion of socialist causes  such as Income/Wealth Re distribution, (while Gonski himself dwells in utopian luxury in mega-wealthy Point Piper Sydney).  He wants the students who have 'low socio-economic backgrounds' to be given a boost and the students at higher socio economic schools to be given a good old marxist hammering for the sin of having 'more'.

There seems to be a prevailing myth in Socialist ranks that just about everything bad in the world is a result of poverty or lower socio economic status. (This includes Global warming by the way) In other words..... a good education will miraculously turn beer swilling pot bellied pothead  losers into management types and CEO's of big corporations.  As though it has nothing at all to do with the social and moral values that drive and define such people.

The Spenders are Labor, the Menders are the Coalition.  Unfortunately for you and I....we are blighted with this absurd adversarial system that continually recycles itself to our detriment.  We live in a nation that is divided on the concept of "National Interest" which is a different thing for a very sectarian and divided community. If you get past the usual major dividing line between the "workers" (Labor) and the "bosses" (Coalition)  We then have the individual race or religion based versions of "National Interest" which primarily boil down to anything which benefits the economic and political circumstances of that particular race/religion.   I'm thinking most pointedly of the ambitions of Islam here.

In one sense I support the Marxist idea of 'Central Planning' of an economy. (that must sound like heresy to anyone who has read my many diatribes against Marx and Marxism)  No..I've not suddenly "got Marxism" like people 'get' Religion.  I mean it in a very different way from Marx who wanted to have the whole economy calculated down to the last grain of rice.  I mean there must be a very businesslike assessment of Australia's strengths and weaknesses, and some sound decisions made which will facilitate the private enterprise development of those various strengths.  China has taken this approach, and the many "Five Year Plans" of places like Malaysia have certainly worked wonders. Just take a plane trip from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to seemingly 3rd world Tullamarine and you'll quickly see what I mean.

We must seek an exit strategy from this 'spender/mender' political mentality and circle of ultimate death.  Here is a possibility.

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