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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Iain Watkins, Rock Singer Paedophile Jailed. Muhammad, Islam's prophet Applauded for the same offense.

"It is beyond belief that adults can commit such appalling acts on children" said prosecutors outside a court which had just sentenced punk singer Iain Watkins to 35 yrs jail for acts of serial child sexual abuse.

"You are a danger to young females, they need to be protected from you" said the judge in handing down the sentence.

Muhammad, prophet of Islam, took a young girl named Ayesha, at 6 and betrothed her for marriage. At the age of 9, she was handed over by adult enablers to this man who was 53 for consummation of that 'marriage'.  This small vulnerable child was taken from her dolls and swings, to the tent of this aging warlord, and given over to his lust and passions.

The outcome?  He is applauded and recognized by millions of Muslims as a 'role model/example/best of all mankind'.  Surprisingly, many imbeciles in the West, non Muslims, seem to find some kind of personal satisfaction in attributing 'great statesmanship' to this vile man, many of them academics.

For Watkins, most balanced people will see in his crime  the very worst of mankind, unbridled cruelty and abuse of the most heinous kind unleashed on children.  It would be virtually impossible to find a sympathetic adult who would not grind their teeth in anger at Watkins child abuse.  Yet.......it seems some kind of curious mental 'tilt'  happens when it comes to evaluating the same kind of behavior by the so called prophet of Islam.

People in the West seem to have been browbeaten by whining whingeing, often militant Islamic apologists who keep on insisting they have their prophet all wrong.  But in his case, it was not just the child abuse that we need to condemn, it is also the deeper level of his 'commodification' of this young female, where he used her and this so called 'marriage' to further his military clout ambitions through her already strong father's (Abu Bakar) circle of warrior friends and kin.

This poor child obviously experienced a variant of 'stockholm syndrome' and believed she was now a part of something great, in the same way Patty Hearst 'turned' from normality into being a willing member when robbing a bank,  of the Symbionese Liberation Army, which had kidnapped her then brainwashed her.

In Ayesha's case, the man she was given too was different to Iain Watkins, in that he held the reigns of power including that of the judiciary, in fact, Muhammad was the judiciary! ...Watkins only held power over the minds of silly teenage social mutants.  All Muhamamad needed to do to justify his own lewd actions on this child was to claim "Allah told me".  Watkins had no such luck, and even if he did resort to the 'I heard voices' defense, it would have been rejected as a cheap ploy by the Judge and prosecution.

You have to wonder just what's going on when two men can be guilt of similar offenses, yet one is hurled into the slammer for 35 yrs, the other is almost worshiped by millions.

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