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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How the Unions caused Holdens demise!

This is tricky territory. If was standing in front of say.. Toyota or Trades hall and saying what I'm about to write, there is a strong possibility that some clown from a Union would take physical issue with me about it. Of course.. if they did, they might regret it more than I care to elaborate, but that's another story.
The issue now, is 'why' did GM Holden collapse and who is at fault.

From the board rooms of Detroit, we hear this:

i) High Aussie Dollar
ii) High Manufacturing costs in Australia, even  Higher than the USA.

Point ii) above translates directly into WAGES ..the cost of labor including all the various 'conditions' that the Union has 'negotiated' over the years. This afternoon, I drove past Toyota in Altona, the Vulteres were hovering (The Media scrum) waiting to taunt departing Toyota workers with questions about their job security etc...and their reaction to the demise of Holden.

As these workers were being harried and harassed by the media morons, the AMWU Union was in the Victorian courts fighting tooth and nail, to use the law to prevent a new Wages/conditions agreement with Toyota from happening. Now this is self managed suicide except that the dead bodies at the end of the process will not be these scurrilous, reckless Union organizers and their vile  lawyer enablers, no...it will be the corpses of Toyota workers who were stupid enough to believe these cunning self interested foxes from the AMWU when they sang their siren song titled "More..more...more... we'll forever get you more"...

That song didn't make the top 400 let alone the top 10, and it's a hit only with the well paid families of Union bosses, the new breed of 'capitalist pigs'.  Just have a close look at the side salads of perks that these new Capitalists enjoy...  take Paul Howes for instance.. he is a fascinating case study of where these feral pseudo representatives of the workers come from and what they are like:

Paul Howes (born 23 August 1981) is the National Secretary of The Australian Workers' Union, a position he has held since the age of 26. In 2008 Howes was elected as Vice President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and he serves on a number of Government boards.
He was elected National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union following the election of former AWU National Secretary Bill Shorten to the Australian House of Representatives in November 2007.
Howes entered politics while still at Blaxland High School in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, joining the far-left political groups Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance.
He never finished high school, leaving in Year 9. However by the age of 16, after a "solidarity" trip to Cuba to the World Festival for Youth and Students Howes abandoned far-left politics and joined the Australian Labor Party.(Wiki)

Howes also occupies a directorship of a Superannuation fund.. and I'll guarantee there are some hefty 'directors fees' involved with that! This is the kind of destiny that a ratbag loony left 'rent-an-Idiot' member can aspire to under a Labor government. So they play fast and loose first with truth, and then leave a trail of icky deception behind them like a dirty slug crawling in your drain.

In an interview with the The Age newspaper Howes stated that while in Cuba his mind was changed by the reality of what he saw, which contradicted the political beliefs he held at the time:

A beautiful country with beautiful people, but I didn't like seeing people getting arrested or the clear and transparent oppression and propaganda, and I eventually thought, 'This is all bonkers.'

Really Paul? "bonkers" ?    well how do you explain the present rampage of irrationality and the avalanche of Bernaysian bluster from your Union mates like AMWU Dave Smith who, along with Bill Shorten are blaming the Government?????   Why?

I heard that bearded brontosaurus Senator Kim Carr, today declared his support for this 'bonkers' type of propaganda by blurting out that the Union had negotiated a deal with GM which would see them remain in Australia until around 2020 ish, so therefore it's the current new governments fault that they are going......

Now at this point, if you have read a few of my posts, you should be asking the deeeeeper questions about 'what' was in that 'deal'?  I suggest to you that it included HUGE government subsidies which would have enabled GM to make a profit while the Union had also demanded annual 'pay improvement' elements to the whole shebang. Now those improvements would be factored into the bigger 'deal' such that Holden were sustainable, the workers well paid, and the most important bit of all..that the Union BOSSES would continue to live pretty of the back of our taxes.  Paul Howes was one of the loony left we see on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney regularly for any one of a bunch of marginal, ridiculous issues. He saw the light about that, but unfortunately the light for Howes was not strong enough to overcome his lack of sight! Light without sight is useless.

All this disruption and decay of the Car industry and associated industries have ONE source.. Union mismanagement and base greeeeed.  The greed is mainly from their bosses and organizers.. a foul stinking network of 'shadow government' (they think) functionaries who believe that they run the country for the benefit of their petty little fiefdoms.

WORKERS OF THE WORLD (especially Australia) ... WAKE UP!  It's time to unite, but not behind some crappy lying Union banner that was produced by liars, lunatics and out for lunch dimwits, for the brainless, mindless lemming  fools who never thought further than a few more pieces of treasonous silver in their next pay packet. Like Judas who betrayed Jesus, these Unionist leaders have betrayed their fellow workers, their fellow Aussies and the dills who followed them have deceived, most of all, themselves.
The ACTU is a bunch of imbeciles, the first result of them gaining the 'pay rise for the lowest paid' last year .. was for my wife to get an hourly increase in her pay. *GREAT*...right? no... not great..the company now only works 4 days a week!!!! and now our mortgage is much much harder to pay!

THE GM/UAW  DETROIT CONNECTION.  Consider this. IF GM shuts down the unprofitable Aussie operation, and then makes cars/holdens in say.. Thailand..... who benefits?
i) GM make more money
ii) They now have more profit and...
iii) The United Auto Workers of America Union can demand more pay for it's American workers.
iv) GM executives in the USA can claim bigger bonuses because of the higher efficiency and overall company profitability because of a shift to Thailand. (which exported 200,000 vehicles to Australia last year and imposes tarrif protection on cars imported from Australia!  (we might argue that tarrif protection is not harming Thailands manufacturing industry, so why should it hurt ours?**)

So.. do you think it's possible that the UAW is in cahoots with the management of GM to help make the company more profitable so they can have better conditions? You BET they would be! And if this means the sacrificing of a few thousand Australian workers ... where is the down side?  There isn't one for them, but there is for Australia.

Collateral Damage if Holden (Toyota) Closes.
Here is a pic of a local (Croydon) factory that employs thousands in the various automotive air conditioning field. (Denso Australia)
Denso Australia, Dorset Road Croydon South.

CONCLUSION.  So it matters not whether we look at Australia in isolation, and how the AMWU has finally released a full blown AIDS-like wage/conditions pestilence on it's members,  or how the American UAW will benefit from the outcome, Unions are the problem!
It's time, way past time, for these divisive 'past use-by date'  industrial dinosaurs to be dealt the final blow of extinction, so they can vacate the economic landscape and let every one else settle down to a more confident and secure future. Always remember, Union bosses never lose their jobs, they only cause others to lose theirs.  For an insightful look into this cycle of destruction, just listen if you will to the words of UAW leader Walter Ruther in the 60s as he recounts the steps the Union took to gain all the unsustainable perks from GM (and Chrysler and Ford..by playing them off against each other) which included something akin to a mini welfare state that looked after even the families of workers who had passed away. (by natural causes).

Speech 1
Speech 2
Remember one very important thing... when Reuther gave these speeches in the 60s, any one with half a brain could have predicted the end result. It didn't finally happen until June 2009 when GM filed for Bankruptcy protection. As the saying goes.. "The wages of sin might not be paid every Thursday, but they will eventually be paid.... in full."

A Better Conclusion... A New Way

** When a Government uses the statement "National Interest" to justify not placing tarrif's on imported cars, they mean a lot more than most people would think on the issue. In a free trade agreement with Thailand.. we don't have tarrifs against them, but they do against us? SO.. what was this 'deal' all about? I suggest you need to be a fly on the wall of some political strategy meetings for some insights on the real reasons such things are done. It might well mean they import some commodity from Australia that benefits a certain sector of the economy which is currently represented in Parliament ? Hmm..perhaps agricultural? 

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