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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Central African Republic Strife. How many times have you heard 'this'?

What's the 'this'? ==>  "Christians and Muslims have lived side by side for centuries here"....but now are slaughtering each other, polarized, militia-ized and embarking on tit for tat violence.

What changed?  Who knows.. in the absence of specific information, it's a bit hard to say much  with confidence, but what we can say, with complete confidence, is that rather than 'living' side by side, they have been 'ticking', like a  dangerous time bomb waiting for someone to light the fuse.
 The fuse is the fundamental religious difference, and  the communities could be likened to a binary bomb with two chemicals waiting for someone to mix them into a volatile mixture of mutual wrath.

Because of the syndrome "Lived peacefully for centuries/Now killing each other" we must address a fundamental question about basic compatibility! The Quran mocks, ridicules and curses Christians and Christian belief in numerous places. (e.g. 9:30) On Muhammad's death bed, he continually cursed Christians and Jews. Only a foolish optimist would naively believe that such sentiments will not translate into festering Muslim community attitudes towards non Muslims.

The bottom line is, such religious differences are easy to exploit by trained agitators. Just like the communists who rant and rave about the 'vile vicious greedy capitalist bosses who exploit workers' is a well tried line for making people ready to down tools and strike, Al Qaeda types with their ready made propaganda videos, online presence and insane rhetoric are able to create conflict where there was none between these binary bomb Christian/Muslim communities.

Only a completely short sighted, dim witted, shallow thinking romantic humanist type of total idiot would ever invite or allow more and more Muslims to come to a basically Christian country like mine (Australia). It's not just cordially inviting trouble, it's standing on rooftop shouting it out! It's begging for it to happen, and happen it will.

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