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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breaking News-Chris Bowen/Labor are Economic Vandals!

Or just plain uber Hyprocrites?

I was stunned. Not 5 minutes ago, Chris Bowen, Australia's shadow Treasurer on the Labor side made a very revealing statement that shows more about the moronic mindset among Labor than any other single 'confession' I've heard in decades.

Those of us in Australia who follow the news, will remember that while Labor in power they were propagating their economic credentials and their 'caring' character.  Their 'caring' for the disadvantaged was supposedly demonstrated in the "Gonski Education Reforms" which sought to plough bucketloads of taxpayer funds into the 'disasvantaged and downtrodden'.

Now the kicker.  While they were being dragged along by hooks in their lips  by the Point Piper dwelling, capitalist living, socialist speaking David Gonski to 'help the disadvantaged', they were also ripping, shredding, slashing and burning 2.3 billion dollars from the higher education budget to fund it!  no...one exclamation mark isn't enough.. "to fund it!!!!!!!!!"......

They were Chris Bowen's words just now on Australian Agenda were "We changed the higher education profile funding model to provide for funding the Gonski reforms"
Now think about this.  Labor "We believe in Education"..... took from the brightest and best, those who will be driving, shaping and shaking our economy into the future, to give to those from low socio economic, poor english skills, culturally different students to help them along.

"Equality".... aaaah that old socialist toady.  We must have a 'fairer more decent society'....utter absolute tripe and foul smelling rubbish!.  If they believed for a microsecond that murdering HIGHer education to throw some vote baiting dollars at migrant mobs or unemployed labor voters would produce a genuinely fairer and equal society they are living on cloud cuckoo land!  The reason Bowen was, it seems, hemmed into following this plot from the socialist dark side, is that many people like Gonski and his ethno cultural mates, are big donors to the Labor party. So.. if Bowen does not follow the ideological line dictated by Gonski and his capitalist living/socialist speaking mates, Labor will have no biccies to bribe us with.

South Africa had it's own version of Gonski and ilk... they were people like Joe Slovo, Denis Goldberg, Albie Sachs and probably the parents of our own Dr Colin Tatz who were in South Africa. (and by Tatz own confession in the preface to his Anti Australian book "With intent to destroy" he explains how his mother and father treated black African servants like dirt.)  You can see the amazing self serving pragmatism of South Africa's Jewish community, and it's communist militant wing, in this revealing article. A key sentence in that article confirms the greedy self serving situational ethics of the Jewish community there.
But within South African Jewry, a bitter divide persists between those who cozied up to the apartheid regime — saying they saw this as the only way to protect their own small and vulnerable community — and those who joined the struggle against the regime,

But in Australia, here....today, we saw the terrible impact of Ideology over Reality.  We saw how blatantly, a Labor government in the form of Chris Bowen's confession,  will recklessly attack the very source of future well being,...ie...higher education, for the sake of cow-towing to David Gonski and his mega millions.   If Gonski cared for a moment about those disadvantaged people...he would sell his Point Piper Mansion on Sydney's harbor side, live in a modest home, and GIVE those millions to the disadvantaged instead of using his influence on a pathetic bunch of lame duck Labor lackies to make them force Aussie taxpayers to pay for it while they struggle and strive and suffer to put their children through a very costly debt laden University course, even with the available funding that Labor thieved from it to the tune of 2.3 billion dollars.

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