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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beyonce... at 16- "Keep God first" but at 33, "Sell my Video's with Sex". (It pays better)

Beyonce at 32.. "God? who is that?"

No.... I don't know if that's her attitude, but her life seems to say it.  I mean.. when Jim Bakker is in the sack with Jessica Hahn and...

On March 19, 1987, following the revelation of a payoff to Hahn to keep secret her allegation that Bakker and another minister had raped her, Bakker resigned from PTL. Bakker acknowledges he met Hahn at a hotel room in Clearwater, Florida, but denies raping her.

Spin that how you like.. but it's pretty clear that Bakker (financially as well as sexually) was quite 'promiscuous' so to speak.  Bottom line, how do we determine if he was a 'good Christian' or not?  Well, we can look at the legal side of things, and say he broke the law,  but before he broke the law he broke something else...his faith relationship.  The latter leads to the former.

What about Beyonce? well.. I observed that her gyrations on stage have one and only one message....'sex'... she's a gorgeous girl, and seems to use that fact to promote her stage act and music interests.   Does she really need to perform pseudo sex on stage to be popular and sell a few cds? If she does what does that tell us about the social values currently prevailing?  I'd be very unhappy if  my (beautiful) daughter ever did that kind of thing in front of lots of people. (or even a small number)

What does Jesus have to say about such things?  Perhaps I'll let you do some reading on that issue rather than throw out proof texts.  I'll guarantee you one thing..... there is a vast contrast between her stage behavior and the Biblical guidelines for how we should conduct ourselves.

My only gripe really is that when she's said these things.. "Put God first" ..that uninformed young people might think that the way she acts on stage is "Putting God first"....which is definitely not the message she is sending out. If however she used her body and performance abilities in a more wholesome way........ perhaps she would be honoring God in her life.

She has incurred a rash of criticism from conservative groups for her 'sex in the back of the car' music video and I believe rightly so.

Now before you point the finger at me for 'picking up stones' and looking at the speck in her eye... the next thing she says on the vid is "If you see me with a bad attitude.. just slap me back into shape" :)
Beyonce.. you are slapped girl!

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