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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Australia's Racial Discrimination Act Section 18c must be repealed.

Because while the Act says in section 9 "Racial discrimination Prohibited"  and section 10 says:
"Rights to Equality before the law"...

10:(1)  If, by reason of, or of a provision of, a law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory, persons of a particular race, colour or national or ethnic origin do not enjoy a right that is enjoyed by persons of another race, colour or national or ethnic origin, or enjoy a right to a more limited extent than persons of another race, colour or national or ethnic origin, then, notwithstanding anything in that law, persons of the first‑mentioned race, colour or national or ethnic origin shall, by force of this section, enjoy that right to the same extent as persons of that other race, colour or national or ethnic origin.

it does not mean that. What it actually means is... "We put this bit in to make everyone happy with the bill, but don't make the mistake of thinking this applies to white people, because it doesn't...it only applies if your skin is non white and your background is non anglo saxon/British"

This can be shown from a number of court cases and to quote from one commentary on such a case:

The significance of
whiteness is further undermined in other
sections of the judgment by Brown FM
pointing out the social dominance of
whites in Australia, making white
Australians a group that does not require
legal definition since they are not in
need of legal protection ([55], [59]).
For their social dominance, ill-defined
boundaries and internal diversity as a
group, Brown FM finds that whites should
not be able to invoke the racial hatred
provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act.
Oh really????   Well blow me down, I really thought I was protected by a law that specifically mentions I have equality before the law.  You make your own call, but for me, any law which has the intention of eliminating discrimination, yet itself is used as a tool of discrimination,  must be torn up, shredded and flushed where it belongs.

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