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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Should American Patriot Militia's execute Traitor Dr Noel Ignatiev ?

Dr Noel Ignatiev (Jewish Marxist)- "Abolish the White Race, by any means necessary" (former Harvard Professor)

Adolph Hitler, "Abolish the Jewish race, by any means necessary"

It certainly would not surprise me if they did. After all Ignatiev has brazenly called for the 'abolition of the white race'... "by any means neccessary"...which is rather surprising from a man who is Jewish.
In a sense it raises the question about when moral justice breaks through into unjust law, to rid the nation of such injustice.

MLKjr once said "Now is the time to lift the nation up out of the quicksand of racial injustice, onto the solid rock of brotherhood"... it was time then, and it is also time now, today.  If Ignatiev was just criticizing public policy, or government attitude, or performance it would be one thing, but he is actually using his academic credentials to call for the abolishing of a whole race of people, which happens to be the vast majority of Americans.

His bloodthirsty mantra has been echoed in none other than Harvard University Magazine as far back as 2003 as follows:

"Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed."  (source)

 I don't know about you, but me, being white in skin color, feel very threatened by Ignatiev's genocidal ambition as expressed in the Harvard Magazine.  This man is not some crackpot from the New Black Panthers  high on crack and wielding a nite stick at a polling booth, nope.. this man was an academic professor (Tutor) from a leading ivy league university.

Notice how Ignatiev's "Abolish the White Race" essay is worded.

The defection of enough of its (ed ie. the white race) members to make it unreliable as a determinant of behavior will set off tremors that will lead to its collapse.

I think we are entitled even obliged to ask.. "Defection...to...who? to what?"  If not to 'whiteness'...umm to blackness? To Jewishness?  to Asian-ness?  His essay is divisive and unhelpful in the extreme and will only serve to exacerbate racial tensions in the USA.  I think he is meaning defection to 'nothing'....but how can you be 'nothing' when you are born 'something' ?  This is Ignatiev's Marxist Utopianism coming through. In that utopia.. there is no class, no race etc.. harmony reigns supreme and the lion will lay down with the lamb.   Unfortunately for that idea, I heard a funny story about a bloke who tried to re-create that millenial bliss in his back yard...he had a pet lion and put a lamb in with it to show peace. When asked about how his millenial experiment was going he said.. "Fine.. except I have to put a new lamb in each morning".....

So...I'd say in conclusion that Militia's should not execute Ignatiev, the government should !  But, just like it was in the days of Patrick Henry when he addressed the house of Burgesses in 1775 in which he made the iconic plea.."Give me liberty or give me death",  the house was divided. Some in the embryonic congress were more interested in patience, tolerance and understanding (usually code for they have some kind of economic benefit threatened by the proposed action) regarding the British,  but Henry was indomitable and resolute.

His speech was one major catalyst in the American revolution and a bridge to freedom. Now we have a man who wants to abolish that freedom, and the people who won it.  If he was doing this quietly and in some hidden corner we might find it more tolerable, but because he is not only doing it in public, but actively working for it's implementation through the avenues of academia, he should be held to account for the worst kind of hate crime imaginable.

Such a person is highly unlikely to see the error of his ways, and thus is beyond redemption. In such a case, it might well be the moral responsibility of a "Patrick Henry" type from the American social landscape who will have to do what must be done in the name of freedom and survival.

Anyone interested in expressing your feelings toward Dr Ignatiev, and sending him an understandable protest note, can find him through the Massachusetts college of art. he is now retired, but has his racism been retired? I doubt that.  

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  1. Noel Ignatiev, like Marxist Jews, has a disease of the Mind.
    There is a cure for it.
    Zyklon B.

    An American Patriot


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