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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Seyla BenHabib was wrong then, and is wrong now. Islam and Democracy are totally incompatible.

Yale is blighted by the presense of Seyla Benhabib in it's political science faculty, because she is simply not up to the task. She is quoted in the image below as finding  "little in  the nihilism of Al Queda

She is entirely wrong to attribute "Nihilsim" to Al Qaeda which would have to be one of the most ideologically driven groups in the world today. Al Qaeda is operating in complete harmony with the violence and thuggery of Muhammad and the subsequent Caliphs of the 7th Century.

Not only is Benhabib absurdly ignorant of Islam, I consider her sentiments, considering  her influential position at Yale, to be reckless and dangerous to National Security.  It is absurd to postulate that "It is almost certainly wrong to say that Bin Ladin speaks for Islam etc".  Good grief, it absolutely is Islam, Quran, Hadith and the history which is driving Bin Ladin and his ilk.  Their spokesman is the Quran, and ultimately, if Hizb Ut Tahrir have their way, it will be the Caliph of Global Sunni Islam.
Bin Ladin might have gone to his 72 ugly virgins in hell, but the ideological forces which caused him to emerge from the toxic wastelands of failed flawed ideas are still around and finding new 'mini me' Bin Ladin's who cannot think of anything better to make their day than to fry the West in some kind of conflagration.

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