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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Seven Years in a Box-The Colleen Stan story.

This is one of the few stories that gave me the absolute heeby jeebies. I felt extreme claustrophobia just hearing/seeing it. Picked up while hitchhiking by a seemingly 'sweet' couple with a baby, it all spun out of control for 20 yr old Coleen Stan.  Suddenly taken to an isolated spot, a knife put to her throat,  strung up by her hands in a house, tortured, then the perpetrators had sex on the floor underneath the strung up Stan.

She was now to be their 'slave' for the next seven horrific years.  This story is so beyond bizzare it's almost incomprehensible. This bloke, Cameron Hooker had sado masochistic and bondage fantasies from a young age and was now putting them into practice at Stan's expense.   Keeping her in a tight box like a coffin, with forced air pumped in to keep her alive...they kept her there 23 hours a day! not for a few days...not for a week or two..not for months but literally years!

The most troubling aspect of the story, and also the most tragic in my view is that Colleen was so brainwashed into believing that Hooker was part of some dark organization called 'The Company' which included Judges, Police officers and many others from the community. She was told on a daily basis that if she tried to escape 'The Company' would kill her family.  To appreciate just how sick and arrogant Cameron Hooker was, he actually allowed Colleen to return to her family!!!!  and the image below shows how she affectionately hugged him as her supposed 'fiance' (the cover story he gave her)... she looks very happy in this, and she is. She explained this to be because of her joy at seeing her family again... and we would all ask why she didn't take that freedom to it's logical conclusion and expose Hooker for what he was ?  "Fear".....fear of what "The Company" would do to her family.
Hooker even met and shook hands with Colleen's parents at her home, so high was his confidence regarding his control of Colleen.

Colleen Stan and Cameron Hooker at Stan's home.

In the end,  the power of this fear is revealed as the primary tool that enabled Hooker to keep her under his control.  Finally Hooker's wife, who had already witnessed him kidnap, torture and murder a previous 'slave'... decided to get out from his influence and told Colleen that her husband was not in anything called "The Company".... that one bit of information gave Colleen Stan the needed strength to make her own break knowing that Hooker could not harm her family through is Company connections.

See ** below for more insights

I recommend you google and read the wiki piece on this case and I'll guarantee that when you've read it the next breath of fresh air you inhale and the next bit of blue sky and green grass you observe will seem like  something overwhelmingly amazing.

The most disturbing element of all this was the element of the Bible being brought into the picture. Hookers wife Janice and Coleen, both studied the Bible at the house of Stan's captivity. There is nothing even remotely present in Scripture, even the parts about slavery in the old Testament which would come anywhere near the same universe that Cameron Hooker lived in.  But his treatment of Colleen Stan can only be attributed to the worst form of satanic darkness imaginable.

Jesus once said.. "the thief comes only to steal and destroy, but I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly"... John 10:10   Quite a contrast to the vile dark deeds of Cameron Hooker and the courts finally gave him over 100 yrs in the slammer. I do hope most of that will be in solitary confinement, to perhaps remind him of what he did to Colleen Stan.

** In another similar story, the case of Steven Stayner and his homosexual paedophile abductor Kenneth Pernell who controlled Steven with this.. "Your parents don't want you, they have given you to me as your legal guardian"....   So for seven years Pernell sexually abused Steven.

Imagine if you were held captive by 'law'? If the law put you in a box each night, constrained in the stifling claustrophobic walls of a 'coffin' like container.  It let you out in the morning, but only to serve it's interests and passions, then, back into that box in the evening.
I can imagine that this might be the feeling of various deviant groups within our societies. Homosexuals, Lesbians, Adult/Child lovers.   I group all those together as 'deviant sexual' types, because compared to the common sense and obvious natural order of things, these stand out at 'unusual, strange, incomprehensible and outright dangerous'. 

So, someone who is convinced of their own place within one of those categories might feel exactly as Coleen Stan did,  desperately longing for liberty, freedom and dignity.  Around 1965 the Gay Rights movement gained momentum and since then has been struggling for recognition and acceptance. No longer wanting to be put in the box of out of sight out of mind that society had previously held them, they now wanted to live, and be and act as they felt, with pride.  As this momentum grew into political strength and power, those who they perceived to be the source of the thinking which previously oppressed them...ie..Christianity and Christians, they now emerge as seeking, via the law, the same power and oppressive posture they believed they were the victims of in the past.

The ultimate question though must be faced. That is the morality of certain types of personal conduct, especially sexual conduct. I listed 'Adult/Child lovers' in the same sentence as homosexuals, and this is the crucial defining issue for this debate. You see, there are consenting children and desirous adults who wish to engage in such behavior.  One such person is Peter Trebilco who now works for the NSW dept of Education in public health. He began to seek out sexual contact with a 'range of men' (from his email to me) from the age of 11 and that at public toilets. This is on the public record in the transcript of "Courting Disaster". So this is not some hypothetical construction I have dredged up from an overly fertile imagination, it is reality.

When such people gain significant social and legal power, along with the prestige of high public office, the pendulum has swung way past the point of equality and acceptance, to become oppressive and dark.

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