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Monday, November 25, 2013

Remember my chains.

When the Apostle Paul was incarcerated in a Roman jail,   he did not then, nor at any time after, try to escape, form an army and punish his captors. He did not in any way authorize his followers to engage in violence to set him free, or to defend him. He was connected to a much higher power than the human, but having been miraculously transformed from persecutor of the Church to promoter of the faith, (on the road to Damascus)- his focus was on the sovereignty of God and the providential intervention of the risen Christ.

Within 300 yrs, the Roman Empire had so many Christians in it, that the Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal. No army, no fighting, no forced conversions, just the power of the risen Christ in the proclamation of the Gospel of His grace.

In his final greeting, the first part of which is found in the title to this entry, he finishes it with these words.... "Grace be with you".

Without being too pointed, I do hope the reader will contemplate the stark contrast between Paul's attitude and that of another man who claimed prophethood some 600 yrs later. I continue to be astounded at the lack of balanced research done by Westerners who allow themselves to be influenced by emotion, sentiment, bias, prejudice and a host of other unhealthy psychological/social factors to follow a man who can only be described as a  Pablo Escobar (Columbian drug Lord-dead)  type  who did 'wonderful' things for the poor in his area, who was revered and respected by the poor but reviled by the authorities. The wonderful things he did were paid for by the horrific deaths and squalor of the drug dependent junkies that bought the cocaine from Escobar.

It would be a very challenging obstacle to persuade a parent who's child had been saved by the hospital paid for by Escobar, that he was a murderous brute and thug. Yet this is the mental predicament of many new followers of the so called prophet alluded to above. One of them being Tracy Alan Bridle.  You can do the homework on this man. He was disillusioned with war, God and his fellow man, but then embraced the very thing he hated in the form of a so called prophet who permitted his sex starved married soldiers to rape vulnerable traumatized women and girls who's families they had slain.  (Banu Mustaliq)

It is beyond comprehension that a rational man would embark on such a twisted journey from lostness to darkness and all the while think he is walking in light.  This man Bridle did have some kind of a breakdown, and mental instability, so it is unsurprising that he would do some rather strange and self contradictory things.

Paul could have organized the Jewish Zealots to free him, he had the stature prior to his encounter with Christ, but he had move on from that level to the final destination for mankind..  reconciliation to God in Christ.

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