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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Muhammad on Trial ("Prophet" of Islam)

Each day I see videos on youtube of Westerners who have 'found Islam'.    They have obviously never explored the character of the man who gave Islam to the world... and only see it in it's religious sense.

If they had read about Muhammad 'the man' and how he treated other human beings,  I doubt they would ever embrace the faith he claimed was of divine origin. (delivered through him).

So.. I am placing this man on trial. Let's reserve judgement until the facts are known.

(3) Narrated Ibn Muhairiz: I entered the Mosque and saw Abu Said Al-Khudri and sat beside him and asked him about Al-Azl (i.e. coitus interruptus). Abu Said said, "We went out with Allah's Apostle for the Ghazwa of Banu Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus. So when we intended to do coitus interrupt us, we said, 'How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah's Apostle who is present among us?" We asked (him) about it and he said, 'It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul (till the Day of Resurrection) is predestined to exist, it will exist."  (Bukhari Book #59, Hadith #459)
More reports on this same incident including the above are found at this link.

Another important report is here below:

Narrated Ibn Aun: I wrote a letter to Nafi and Nafi wrote in reply to my letter that the Prophet had suddenly attacked bani mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their fighting men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives; the Prophet got Juwairiya on that day. Nafi said that Ibn 'Umar had told him the above narration and that Ibn 'Umar was in that army.  (Bukhari Book #46, Hadith #717)

The facts. 

i) Muhammad led a raid on a tribe. (the raid was a surprise attack while they were looking after their cattle)  
ii) The married Muslim soldiers were sex hungry.
iii) They thought nothing of raping these traumatized women and girls who had just lost their husbands, brothers and fathers.
iv) They were wanting to practice coitus interruptus with the captive widows and female orphans. 
v) They asked Muhamamd about that (Coitus interruptus)
vi) His reply makes it clear that the soldiers were permitted to ejaculate in the women. (it was only  the 'interruptus' part he disagreed with)

DISCUSSION and JUDGEMENT.   Given that these soldiers were married, and Muhammad's nonchalance about this, and his willingness for his soldiers to do what can only be described as rape,  it is clear that this man, the defendant,  Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim.  (Muhammad's full name)  is guilty of 
-war crimes, 
-inhuman and degrading treatment of captives.
-cruelty and sexual abuse.
-Lack of concern that his married soldiers were committing adultery (a capital offence)

 WARNING.  To any person contemplating following Islam,  please pay close attention to these facts and avoid such a person like the worst plague known to humanity.   The only outcome of embracing Islam will be a loss of dignity, lack of self respect, guilt in this life  and eternal damnation in the next.

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