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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost Prophets or... just plain Lost?

Paedophilia in the pop scene.

Ian Watkins, front man for the Welsh band "Lost Prophets" has been described by a prosecutor  as a "committed and determined paedophile".   Knowing the fickleness of human nature, I am eagerly awaiting the confirmational evidence from his fans who, like in the case of Michael Jackson, will deny even the possibility of such ghastly sins and claim that he is being persecuted rather than legitimately prosecuted.

This problematic aspect of human nature is evident in many spheres of life. Political parties,  some Church groups, and in the religion of Islam in particular.  The so called prophet of Islam, Muhammad, engaged in deviant and disgraceful behavior that boils down to the commodification of women, where he arranged with a tribal leader who had considerable military clout (which Muhammad needed) to 'marry' his daughter Ayesha.  This 'contract'  was established when the poor child was just 6 yrs old.  Muhammad consummated this 'marraige' when she was still tiny, and aged 9, according to repeated quotes from her own personal narration in the authentic Islamic hadith of both Bukhari and Muslim.

The usual reaction from the Muslim follower of Muhammad, when confronted with these charges is to rattle off a list of personal abuse, ridicule  and mockery intended to challenge your own thinking, and sanity. It is essential to the troubled believer to reconcile the disturbing cognitive dissonance that arises when it is discovered that the one in whom the individual has placed their belief, faith and life commitment, is guilty of something that the follower him/herself finds degrading.   The other path usually trodden by such vacuous bigoted followers, is to re-cast the sin of their saviour in a different mould, which has the effect of sanitizing the actions and conduct in terms of some 'higher' wisdom.
I've heard this a lot regarding Muhammad, but it's water off a ducks back for this crusader for truth.

The Watkins case will be interesting.  Apparently this sleazebag advocated his audience to emulate his disgusting attitudes and actions. Although he emphatically denied his vile acts for some time, he finally has admitted them, including the attempted rape of a baby!  This should shock us to the core. But just wait, ooooh yes.. just wait, to see how a Muslim reacts when you point out from their own history and traditions, that Muhammad (and Arabs in general) were permitted to do what is called "Thighing" young betrothed females.  This involves the sexual stimulation of using the childs inner thighs for some kind of masturbatory act while they are sitting on your lap.  It does not attempt to penetrate, just rub.  Crazy? offensive? Lewd charges based on a 'hatred for Islam' ? None of the above. Plain factual tradition.  You will find considerable information about this issue here.

Watkins... Muhammad... Priests abusing Alter boys.... it's all the same thing and the same sin. It's about time we stopped being afraid to level these charges appropriately toward any and all who practice or advocate or justify them.

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