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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Is Geoff Shaw really a "Rogue MP" ?

It's an important question!  But let's set our high tech cyber compass to work, and do some direction finding here. The herald sun seems to repeatedly refer to him as a  'Rogue'...
The question the critical observer must ask is.. "from what frame of reference" does the "right wing" Herald Sun so report?  *Think* about that  one for a while. Perhaps you could ask the question another way... "In who's political and economic interests is it to characterize Shaw like this?".

Then there's the Left.... they overtly hate Shaw because he is the one political cotter pin that holds the pedals on the Napthine government bike. So it's clearly in their interests to both fuel the "rogue" tag, and to also (in wonderfully tolerant Leftist lunatic style) physically attack him on the steps of parliament house.

As the Herald and it's political enablers reach out to pick up that first stone with which to damage Shaw, they might do some reflection on just how they've 'sinned' in respect to an uncountable host of 'secret pollies business' that we only gain glimpses of when it comes out in the Media.

So given the credentials of both groups of his critics,  it tends to lead the independent observer to the attractive conclusion that Shaw must in fact be .... a jolly HERO!    Yes, he is facing umpteen 'charges regarding the apparent use of his government vehicle for some private business, but that's for the courts to decide....or.....is it ?

The good old soft Left Age reports as follows:  Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said an option to deal with Mr Shaw's charge through a diversion program was "not appropriate" but did not say why.

Andrew Bolt has an opinion on this magistrate as follows: 

I don’t know the political views of Rozencwajg, who was involved with Community Legal Centres before being appointed to the bench by Labor attorney-general Rob Hulls.
Wooooo...the thick plottens!   The appointment by Rob Hulls (a bloke to the left of Marx) is most interesting. Hulls also appointed another magistrate who let off radical Vashti Kenway and gang of ultra leftist extremists,  from valid charges of besetting the Bremmer chocy shop in Melbourne. That Magistrate was Simon Garnett, another Hulls appointee.
Then we have the Andrew Bolt case, where another Labor appointee, Justice Mordecai Bromberg (who even tried to be preselected as a Labor candidate) presided over the Race Discrimination Act case brought against Bolt by some fair skinned 'aboriginal' people.  The prosecutor was none other than the Labor connected Ron Merkel QC. (also a former federal court Judge). In that so called trial, Merkel (who is Jewish) had the astonishing temerity and gravity of insult to Australians, to suggest to Justice Bromberg (who is also Jewish) that Bolts very mild article was like "the beginnings of the holocaust"... which gobsmacked half of Australia!

It seems there is a clear pattern of corruption of the independence of the judiciary by political appointment. This goes back to our adversarial system of government, which I might add, we DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE!... (yes..I shouted that)

So before these political priests on either side, or the media, while perched on their high seats of smug arrogance, start picking up stones to hurl at Geoff Shaw,  they might like to have a birds eye view of their own moral and ethical flaws, their blatant opportunism and their shameful self serving.

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