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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Does Jewish racism exist in the USA?

Fascinating question, and one triggered by my research into anti white racist Dr Noel Ignatiev who is a Jewish marxist.   Ignatiev is not just racist he is so in genocideal proportions. He is the author of the race hate online magazine "Race Traitor" in which he calls for the abolishing of the white race. "by any means necessary".  Quite a heavy hitter you might say, and a good candidate for the Wafen SS.. oh wait.. he would not be accepted, as he's Jewish!

You'd think that given the history of Ignatiev's own people who experienced a massive and systematic attempt to liquidate them from the face of the earth, that he would think twice about using terminology that is deliberately reminiscent  of those events, in connection with another non Jewish race.. "whites".

However, having said all that there is one anecdote in his  life that illustrates another serious problem in America.. and I ask "Are Jews racist?"... well you decide, we report as good  ol Fox news says about a hundred and fifty times a minute.

Ignatiev was employed at Harvard as a house tutor.

From 1986 until 1992, Ignatiev served as a tutor (academic advisor) for Dunster House at Harvard University. In early 1992, Ignatiev objected to the University's purchase of a toaster oven for the Dunster House dining hall that would be designated for kosher use only. He insisted that cooking utensils with restricted use should be paid for by private funds. In a letter to the Harvard student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, Ignatiev wrote that "I regard anti-Semitism, like all forms of religious, ethnic and racial bigotry, as a crime against humanity and whoever calls me an anti-Semite will face a libel suit." (wiki)

Interesting because he is Jewish himself, but obviously not a practitioner of Judaism. (because he is a marxist)  But the bit that gets me, is his claim that he'll sue anyone who calls him an anti semite.
Hmm..how about if we call him a filthy murdering genocidal anti white racist  piece of scum?  He can describe anti semitism as a 'crime against humanity' but... developing a deliberate race hate anti white web site calling for genocide is not a crime against humanity ? Methinks it is and he should be appropriately punished for this in a just manner as per the Nazi's who were put on trial at Nuremberg.
Let's try Ignatiev before the fact, rather than after it when it's too late.
The slogan for his web site is "Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity"...*nice*.....

But back to the topic.    How did his very reasonable call for specifically religious items for a public/State University to be funded from private  means unfold?  You can't make this stuff up!....

Dunster House subsequently declined to renew Ignatiev's contract, saying that his conduct during the dispute was "unbecoming of a Harvard tutor". Dunster co-master Hetty Liem said it was the job of a tutor "to foster a sense of community and tolerance and to serve as a role model for the students", and that Ignatiev had not done so.

Hmm..but his conduct in calling for the destruction of the white race is a non issue to them???
The text says "during the dispute".....(about a jolly toaster oven)

Are they kidding ???? Clearly the administrators of Dunster house were racist in favor of Jews and have infringed what we hear much about these days.. "separation between Church (or synagogue) and State".  So from this we cannot say that "Jews" are racist because we don't know the race of those administrators, but hey... did the Anti Defamation league speak up against special state funded privilege for Jews at Harvard ? nope...why would they?  They are Jewish. Did the ACLU denounce this obvious racism? Nope.. many of them are Jewish also, but this deafening silence from supposed 'progressive' elements is indicative of their self contradictory nature and selective justice attitude.

So we can conclude with absolute certainty that at the very least, "Progressive" thinking people at Harvard in the Administration of Dunster house are... "racist".  How in this wide world can they say Ignatiev was not a good role model because he opposed (in this case) a racist act? Aaah.. welcome to the dark and nefarious world of 'progressive' social thinking.

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