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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Australian Education: "Needs/Students based" (Gonski) or... "System Based" ? (Coalition)

The Gillard lie based corrupt government paid an 'open cut' of dirty money to one David Gonski, who, it appears is actually Clark Kent, (Superman) if we believe all the wonderful things Mr Gonski does. He is/does:

  • Australian public figure and businessman
  • Dubbed "Mr Networks" for his connections
  • Attended Sydney Grammar School
  • Earned $5 million by the age of 25 as a solicitor
  • Currently sits on the boards of more than 40 businesses, including Coca-Cola and Singapore Airlines
  • Chancellor of the University of New South Wales
  • Ambassador for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation
  • Appointed OA for service to community through visual and performing arts
  • Appointed AC for service to arts through charitable support
Perhaps he is in fact a Power Ranger ?  Or.. a Thunderbird?  He seems to have plenty of 'go' if he can do all of the above in one lifetime and still find time to reconfigure the Aussie Education system.

I always find it curious when observing the antics of the "Left Wing" capitalist. (such as Gonski)... from his palatial Mansion in Point Piper....  Gonski seems to be another "Jewish Socialist" as former Attourney General Nicola Roxon described her own father.   But like Karl Marx, Gonski lives in luxury and wealth. (Marx was supported/provided for by Friedrich Engels inheritance/trust fund).

These characters love to play fast and loose with 'our' tax dollars, and tell us how much we need to look after the 'disadvanataged' while they pontificate their next million from the palace in Point Piper.
It seems they love the 'ideas' of equality, while lavishing luxurious inequality on their own persons.
Marx was extremely critical of the "Capitalists" and wanted to re-invent the whole system, but did so while consuming and living off capitalist money.  It's a strange world.

But back to the topic.  It's an interesting juxtaposition.... "Needs/Student based" or... "System Based".
According to the 'disadvantaged' Gonski, we need to throw (yours and mine) our tax dollars at those who have the slightest bit of challenge, Aboriginal, weak English,   Poor parents etc..... and give them a boost, while pulling back on those who have less challenges.  Of course this is nothing new, it's the same old Communist 'wealth redistribution' model that has served the 3rd Internationale so well in countries like Russia, Cuba and Poland, which all pretty much went broke on it.

These jokers are great at 'take'...but no good on 'make'...except in cases like Gonski, who made his first capitalist 5 million as a lawyer by 25.  But how about Mr Gonski sell his Point Piper home and actually demonstrate his 'equality' credentials in something more meaningful than a long essay about it that we have to pay for?

"Student Based" is a way of  trying to live out a utopian vision of equality that might actually exist when we are all in the Millenium, but until the second coming..... I fear human greed and even need will thwart that kind of earthly utopia.   Unfortunately for most of us, (except Mr Gonski it appears).. money doesn't grow on trees, and shock horror, there are other equally pressing needs that have dibs on our national economic cake. (Health, Defence, Infrastructure).

I suspect that the Labor party gave unfettered encouragement to Gonski to come up with something politically marketable for the last election and the cost (and us) be damned.  Labor governments simply see such grotesque and reckless spending as a win win situation. It might score them some votes to keep power..(win) or.. if they lose the election, the other mob will be the devil incarnate if they don't step up to this economic  black hole and try to fill it with public money (Labor win again).

The other mob (Coalition) wants a 'system' based model rather than Gonski's socialist, student model.
I have no idea what they actually mean, but I'm guessing it has to do with providing a minimum level of education, by allocating sustainable resources in line with how they see the national interest. Will every kid get a great education? Of course not! Will Gonski's kids get an awesome education? Sure they will. (and so will Bill Shorterns and his current gang of labor self righteous angels of darkness).

This whole problem of putting one model against another, making it resolve into 'Left and Right' political  ideologies is so predictable, so beyond our increasingly limited patience and insultingly divisive.

I will solve this.. yes.. by chucking out much of it,  reshaping the whole political spectrum in terms of national interest rather than infantile sectarian "Workers/Bosses" type  playpen stuff.

SOLUTION (harsh but do-able)

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