The Pen is mightier than the sword, but the Pen must sometimes move the sword against corruption if the corrupt are not moved by the pen.. An idea without an implementer is useless. "The Rulers do not carry the sword in vain"Rom 13:4

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sit down, and shut up!

How do you feel when you gut tells you that something is awfully wrong in your country?  How do you feel when every fibre in your being informs your very rational mind that a trend you observe is entirely irrational and is only happening because some highly driven irrational people are pushing, shoving and bullying their way into getting it done?

I suspect that you feel awful, oppressed, voiceless and powerless!  But there's the problem, you feel powerless when you are not!  By yourself, sure, you might be powerless, but in the company of a few compatriots, you will be stronger.  If you have a sit down and shut up mentality in your head, you will be sitting down and silent in your body!

Now is the time to wake up, get up, stand up and walk tall and more than anything else, join with your fellow Aussies in speaking up, shouting out, no longer living in cowed silence or intimidated impotence! If you have a sit down mind you will have a sit down rear end.  When bravery has been evacuated and boldness is emaciated, when  fear overcomes you and terror overwhelms you, you are like a corpse waiting for burial.

 You need rescue! You need  renewal,  you need a resurrection!  It's no good yelling at the TV or preaching to the politicians in your mind, you need to step up and step out as a fearless warrior for truth and dignity. Now is the time to slice out the  sickness in our society with  the surgical scalpel of the spoken word delivered with the skill of a neuro surgeon.

Our social order is terminally ill... yes there is a solution, but it's a sour medicine. On the good ship "our Nation" even the lifeboats have holes in them.

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