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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I just want to cut someone up with a chainsaw!!!!!

So said Rick Roderick in his philosophy lecture on Marcuse.     No wonder he was a popular lecturer!

He said this (see last entry) in response to someone claiming "I used to be fat and lack confidence, but I got Tony Robins tapes and now?...I'm skinny and confident"... That just makes me SICK !  said (the rather chubby) Roderick... as a bit of a post life poke at Rick himself.. his obese condition resulted in him dying of a Congestive Heart failure!.. so while Robbins might make him emotionally and intellectually sick... following at least some of his advice might have given Roderick a bit more life? 

Not that I'm a raving Robins fan.  He does have some very good words...no question about that. But all of Robins talks and lectures can be summed up in just two words. "Risk more".  Have you ever imagined yourself on the steps of a public place with a rather robust PA system and letting fly with a passionate blast about something or other?  I'm 64 and have never done that... until last Sunday.  What a blast!  I used MLK's Dream speech for structure, and applied it in a different way to a different situation, but I also incorporated some of the best bits of FDR's 1933 inaugural speech (duly attributed by the way). together they make a very powerful oration.

I am a great believer in the power of the spoken word, not just a 'rant'.. but carefully selected and pasionately delivered truth.. as opposed to some typical Unionist bluster about workers rights and more money more this more that.. anyone can blabber about those things, but it takes a lot more to cobble together a piece of oratory with the intention of changing the world.

"How YOU can change the world"

In what way would you like to change it? 
"Toward Principles of a National Renewal Movement for Australia"

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