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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saint Augustine Visits Melbourne Australia, and is promptly ARRESTED for.. "Religious Vilification"

Victoria's Racial and Religious "Tolerance"......Act prohibits the mocking of another persons religion.
Here is the law.

Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 - SECT 8

Religious vilification unlawful
8. Religious vilification unlawful

(1) A person must not, on the ground of the religious belief or activity of
another person or class of persons, engage in conduct that incites hatred
against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other
person or class of persons.
AUGUSTINE of Hipppo,  arrives at Tullamarine on an A380.. gets into a Taxi driven by an Indian, and after looking up his 'Latin to jumbled English' travellers  handbook, he informs the driver of his wish to go to St Patricks Cathedral where he is to meet the Archbishop of Melbourne, Dennis Hart.   As they are travelling, a police car zooms up beside them and calls on the taxi to pull over.

The police officer get's out, walks up to the taxi..and asks.. "Excuse me sir (to Augustine).. are you St Augustine of Hippo?"...."Well..yes as a matter of fact...I am..how can I help you ?"    The police officer replies.. "No sir..you may not help me, you are under arrest for vilifying and mocking the Roman gods,..and an Italian member of our community who still worships those gods came across the news of your visit and has reported you for serious religious vilification.  You have the right to be silent.. you have the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one, one  will be appointed for you  (etc).. do you understand these rights ?"

"Err.....yes (swallows).. I do.. but I don't understand why I need all this?"


In his City of God, a large volume for which St Augustine is famous, he demonstrated the futility of the Roman gods and worship of them.  He does to with very easy to follow logic and rhetoric.
For example...when Rome was sacked by the Visigoths,  many pagan Romans sought refuge in Churches because they knew that the Visogoths respected the Christian morality and ethics.  They were not killed because the invaders had orders not to kill anyone found in the Churches.  Later, these same Romans put their salvation down to ...'good luck'...flying in the face of the facts as Augustine pointed out.   He mocks the Romans for worshipping and hoping for protection from the god Aeneas... but the Greeks who also worshipped him, destroyed the Roman might.... Augustine pointed out that this same god could not save them from others who also worshipped him.
Then there was the issue of adultery, which Rome punished severely, yet it's own god Aeneus was produced by an adulterous relationship between gods. (goddess Aphrodite and human Prince Anchises.)
The Visigoth sacking of Rome circa 425AD.

But Augustines mocking, and holding up to ridicule was meant to have a redeeming influence.  It was not mockery for mockery's sake.    But today.. this RRT law stands as a dark cloud over Victorians like the smoke from a huge bush looming up in the distance.

The main use of this law has been:

i) Trampling on two Christian pastors who did not mock, but pointed out some negative aspects of Islam.
ii) By a Witch Paedophile against the Salvation Army.
iii) by mySELF against the Age Newspaper for publishing an offensive article from the atheist comedienne Katheryn Deveny,  titled "Our Father, to thine own pathalogical self be true".  The reason I did this was to highlight the stupidity of the law itself. I met with the Chief Editor Paul Ramage (lovely bloke) who made 2 points.  Firstly..it was not published under his watch and secondly that such things would not be published in future while he was there.  A good outcome.

iv) I also used it against Katherine Deveny separately because of her show "God is bullshit"

All that aside.. poor Augustine would have been quite shocked I think that he could be free to express himself in ancient Rome without being hauled up to the Senate... but in modern Victoria?  He is arrested and charged with religious vilification.

The new Federal Anti Discrimination Bill would make it more widespread and intensely more intrusive than even Victoria's RRT...  that bill is diabolical and evil.  I do hope all thoughtful Victorians recognize this and get rid of the likes of Mark Dreyfus (Seat of Frankston) and his Labor fellow conspirators from the political face of this nation.  If you take the trouble to read that bill.. have a look at the 'protected attributes'.. then see what are supposed to be  "exemptions" for various bodies.  They apply to all..BUT political parties themselves..which are allowed to blatantly defy this law and discriminate freely.  Also, the trend (specially from the Greens) is to gradually eliminate or challenge and dilute these exemptions in the name of eliminating discrimination.

So no one is safe from their red marxist paws and claws and beaks.

Oh.. on appeal  St Augustine was acquitted...because we had a change in government.... WE NEED THAT ON SEP 7TH.

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