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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why does the Discovery Channel support Child Endangerment? (lacigreen)

I have now expanded the campaign/war against LaciGreen of Youtube Sex+ infamy to include the Discovery Chanel which has degraded itself and become tainted with the same toxic grime that emanates from LaciGreen's vloggin on "sex+" (youtube).

As I've pointed out... young vunlerable and impressionable children watch youtube and benefit greatly from much of the content.  With individuals like LaciGreen not blocked by any age restriction ..it is possible that both my and your 6 yr old grandchild (ren) will be exposed to such things as ...

"I'm a pan sexual.. I like all things between penis and vagina" from Green!

She also covers rather unpalatable subjects as 'queeshing'.. a sound that is emitted when a vagina becomes filled with a lot of air during 'hot sex' and suddenly comes out like vaginal breaking wind.

Do children really need to have such things in their field of vision and input ? 

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