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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What does it matter?

So spoke LaciGreen on the Dr Phil show in regard to whether a girl wears revealing clothes.

Green claims that when a person 'judges' a girl for wearing 'slutty' or revealing clothes it tells more about the critic than the girl wearing the clothes.

The spineless blogger Jason...then goes on to absurdly say "Most men don't care what women wear" (thats why the go to strip shows and pay for lap dances)..and I began to look for strange body protrusions which would be evidence that Jason is from another planet.

The subject of the show says "Am I slutty because I flaunt my sexuality?"  yada yada.    Hmm well..YES you are.. as is any bloke who walks around with his dongle dangling out of his pants!

Imagine you are an executive....and you rock up to work in a 'muscle singlet'!... now come on.. you would incur the wrath of a thousand cuts from 'your' boss...  imagine if you  are a.. PRIEST and you front up to the service in.. a muscle singlet ?????... give me a break... flaunting our sexuality is 'slutty'.. and the word 'slut' comes from real world experience of how people behave, the effect they have on others and from the moral compass that most people with at least half a brain have!

DOES IT MATTER...if I use my sexuality to WRECK 3 families as Lacigreen admits to having done.. with no regrets?

DOES IT MATTER...if we deliberately  break peoples hearts with no regrets as Green claims to have done 3 times!?

DOES IT MATTER...if I expose myself to my neighbours wife ? hell no.. (by laci's logic) ..nah..I'm just dressing as I like.. as I want... ... it's alllll goooood....says laci..

DOES IT MATTER...if I seduce my neighbours wife.. my sons wife.. my daughter husband...?????

DOES IT MATTER if the CEO of a big corporation with hundreds of employees comes to the board meeting in.... torn jeans and unshaven and with a few boogers hanging out his nose?

DOES IT MATTER if a policeman dons 'macho gay leather garb' for his job ?

DOES IT MATTER.. if your teenage son is seduced by the female teacher ? (probably not to him)

DOES IT MATTER....if that teacher...doesn't seduce him BUT..wears a dress that is so low cut and a skirt that is so high that all of the boys in the class will be walking around with a protrusion in their pants?
DOES IT MATTER.. ...if a male teacher wears clothing in class that is highly sexual and suggestive and smoothes up close to the chicks in class... or.. to the boys!......

DOES IT MATTER.... that we have strip shows that capitalize on the erotic stimulation of showing off nudity?????  well of COURSE it does... because that happens to be the birds and the jolly bees... male/female...sex... all that stuff.

So don't give me the empty shallow absurd ridiculous exploitative opportunistic rubbish that "It doesn't matter"

Everything we do in life...'matters'.. some things only effect us, but other conduct effects people other than us... we can be a force for good or bad... and just in case you've forgotten those moral boundaries exist.. the surely do!

If we try to re-define good and bad in terms of permissive and utilitarian experience.. then we have lost the plot.    You can then raise any issue you like.. and this does include paedophilia and bestiality..yes.. absolutely.. because remember ?  "there is no good or evil" other than how we define it.... and if we define 'zoophilia' (bestiality) in terms of consequences.. "who gets hurt?"... well clearly..no one.   The poor sheep might wonder what the hell is going on but it will be eating grass as soon as you let it go!  so...what's the harm?????    

This dilemma leads to the question about 'where' to we look for moral guidance?  Ok.. take it or leave it, but you have a few choices.

i) The Bible
ii) The Quran
iii) Buddhist writings
iv) etc etc etc....

In each case the appeal is to a higher power or reference point than just humanity.  I find only one of those documents to be worthy of serious study and that's the Bible.  The commands against what is defined as 'immorality' are very clear.. the 2 paths in life are very clear.. the wide easy road to perdition and the narrow hard path to glory and salvation.  You can read up the Sermon on the Mount and the rest of the New Testament on that, and get back to me if you wish to discuss it....and there is a lot to discuss.. about the role of Christian values in a democratic society, the degree of literalness to apply to Jesus sayings.. (it varies from context to context)

BUT..of one thing we may be sure.. if we use the likes of LaciGreen as our guide.. we will all be wallowing in the darkest most diabolical degradation possible and our whole society will break down irretrievably.

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