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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tom Jones.. iconic singer.

"We thought, 'Let's look for some spiritual things, uplifting things, things that mean something.'"

Well.. I don't know if its taken his 70 years to realize what millions of people have realized from a much earlier age..including my own 6 yr old grand daughter...  ie...that God loves us in Christ Jesus.

Tom has one of those 1 in a million voices for white boys... his vocals sound like an African type voice.  There is something special..very special about the crisp resonance that comes with Tom's strength that, with the right words and tune..could melt the hardest of hearts.

Sadly. most of Tom's songs have been for the popularity of the  market place rather than the purity of the soul,  but at least now, in his closing years he want's to do "some things that mean something"....

Does that suggest that his usual popular work does not mean much? I think so... other than dollars in the bank and perhaps some lavish digs and a luxury car or 5... but in the end all that material stuff is just so many bits of metal, plastic and paint.

Tom wanted to have 'The old Rugged Cross' in his Christmas Album,

They sang everywhere, he says, at birthday parties, at weddings and at funerals. "There's one in Wales that we do called The Old Rugged Cross," he says a little mistily. "It's sung at all funerals. And I wanted to get it on here, on this album, (Guardian)

For you who might perchance be reading this, and wondering about life... can I recommend some honest reflection on your position before the Almighty? I do this every day. I face choices every day... some of those choices would be extremely gratifiying if followed through, but end up in pain, suffering and disaster for many people.. so...under the mighty loving hand of God.. I don't follow through with those types of choices. They come to us all I'm sure... and our jails and psychological refuges are filled with those who did in fact follow those unwise choices.

Tom wanted a song about the Cross in his Album.  That cross is far more iconic than Tom, because it is the centre, the pivot, the fulcum of history.  That gracious undeserved event looks back to those who preceeded it, and forward to we who came after.  But the message is the same.. "by Grace you are saved...through faith".  Saved is a one time thing.. but it's the beginning of a process also, as your heart is indwelt by the Spirit of Christ.. a transformation will start.  The renewal of your mind.. emotions and will begins.  It is a journey and also an adventure.  As I look back over my life, I cannot even begin to fathom how, other than by the Grace of God, it could have worked out as it did... the adventure has been awesome...the highs intense..the lows.. carried through by the everlasting hands..comforted, reassured, revived.

Let Christ be your light, your life, your love.

As.. if.. you view this video, though it comes from Tom's youth rather than  his reflective older years, nevertheless the hushed gentle  tones of Silent Night should reach into your heart and soul with the love of the Almighty, reaching to you with the staff of the Good Shepherd, and shed light on reality from Him who said.."I am the light of the world" and in this, if this light comes to an open heart, it will enter..and shine the way ahead for a blessed eternity.

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