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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Witch is still Wong, and even admits it..at last.

Respect must be earned, not demanded. The Australian federal treasurer has eroded and eradicated any obligation to respect her, though her office still must be respected. She herself has embarked on what in my opinion is  a campaign of half truths, outright lies, blame deflection and flagrant misuse of the political air time for the sole purpose of attacking her political opponents, rather than explaining or admitting the deficiencies of her own party and policies.
Forgive the play on the Australian federal Treasurers name...   it means she is.. WRONG.. but works so well with her name I can't resist it.  Her performance with our financial wherewithall is akin to some witch chanting a spell over the treasury in the hope that the funds there will amazingly suddenly double!

Last year, I said this:

His disability insurance plan is in reality a political assurance plan because he knows there isn't enough money to fund such a scheme and  he also knows his Swan is cooked and that Labor will end up like Peking Duck in a cheap Chinese restaurant at the next election, he has put this disability insurance scheme in place so that when the new government informs the nation that the money just isn't there, he can spruke and spout about how unfair, odious and cruel they are!

He panders to the progressives while poisoning our national propriety. He'll spend like there's no tomorrow and if he keeps it up there WILL be no tomorrow, other than equality of poverty, equality of hunger and equality in the struggle for unattainable shelter.

It's definitely time, ...for a change!

He takes a 2 bob each way approach. Spending like a King, with the treasure of a peasant, while knowing that when the other mob is given control, they will have to make cuts right left and centre, up down and back to fix his fiscal fiasco, and in so doing make him look like an angel of light and his opponents look like Satan incarnate. That suits his pernicious purpose and propels him from the political periphery back to parliament for another bite at the treasury cherry. 
...and here we are only about a year later and Swanny with his side kick Penny Wong the finance minister are openly admitting that there will be a 17 billion dollar shortfall for this year.

Of course.. the 2.2 BILLION dollars they estimate they'll be  showering on so called assylum seekers won't help that budget shortfall!
Next time you were hoping to get affordable health care.. ask where the money went!
Next time you were hoping to have your children educated in a University, ask why billions have been cut from that budget!
Next time you became sick to the nth degree of waiting in a centrelink line due to lack of staff...ask yourself how far 2.2 billion dollars would go to putting a few more bodies in the office!
Next time you hear them talking about this 'thin air' solution to Global Warming.. ask where the money went!
Next time your old grandpa cannot get any affordable dental care for his acute chronic toothache.. ask 'why not?'......
While we put a higher priority on people who have money to burn on leaky boats to come here and further drain our meagre resources, we have not a hope in hell of meeting our most obvious and closest family responsibilities to our own.
I'll guarantee that your compassion for the 'needy and vulnerable' from Iran or Afghanistan who rock up uninvited to our shores will last only until YOUR child is unable to find a place in a state child care or infant welfare centre because of budget cuts.
It's about time to wake up Aussies... the only question remaining for now though is..."How many more boats will beat down our borders before the next election which is the earliest opportunity for us to legally fix the leaky border to halt the leaky boats and their opportunistic passengers.

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