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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The utter hypocrisy of Cringing Cowering Laci Green


I wish there were words sufficiently strong which did not require me to delve into the classics and spend an hour in a thesaurus to adequately describe the hypocrisy of this lamentable shameful pathetic wanna-be Youtube Celebrity.

She has this youtube chanel called 'sex+' and describes her self as promoting a positive sex attitude and being a 'sex educationalist' type.

Take the titles from some of her vids "My Drunk Sex+"  "I'm a PanSexual" 

 Green makes vids like the ones above..and then...after shredding all morality and decency in her various videos..she becomes hysterically judgemental over "It's Friday" Rebecca Black producing a video of Jenna Rose which features (apparently) a bunch of 12 yr olds doing dancing prancing suggestive leaps and bounds through this pretty ordinary vid.
Oh ooooh.. (says Green)  "It's exploitive".... huh ?? really?  and Green's videos are not ?
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Green is a godess to her own mind..  her rulings must be seen to be just and fair.. and never decadent... and even when she goes through more loops than the big dipper of contradictions, she is still right..why? aah..because she is...'progressive' and 'politically correct'.. which are symptoms of certifiable insanity!

Let me unfold it for you.

1/ Laci Green makes a video 3 yrs ago in which she uses ONE word.. "Tranny" to refer to transexuals.  She did not intend it as in any way derogatory.... but some people.. presumed by her to be from the "Social Justice" elements in the "Tumblr" mini bloggin social networking site have taken such offence to his word use that they have gone so far as to make death threats against her and describe in very graphic langauge how they want to "smash her face in"...  now..if that was just cyber talk.. you can ignore it or just categorize it in the 'loony' file..but AAAH NO.. "This" group aiming at Green did something that really scared her.. they sent her a picture of her own apartment!.. implying more than a little bit..."We know where you live"..

2/ Green has a big whinge to the police and a whine to whoever will listen, but she ALSO did a big sobbing apology for this video and terminology and removed the video from youtube! So..there you have 3 things
i) She offended someone
ii) She was rebuked by them
iii) She apologized
iv) She removed the video from youtube.
v) She has gone to ground, hiding cowering and cringing in fear of these 'social justice' transexuals (presumably) and promises to be a good little girl and not do any more vids for a while.....

3/ Now we get to the critical bit.  I have personally placed very serious criticism of her videos on the comments section.. I have called her to account for the amoral and 'progressive' permisiveness that she flaunts to all and sundry, I have warned her that little children can view the rubbish she promotes...   I made very clear that I and many others find her videos grossly offensive.

WHAT was her reaction?

i)Apology?  Nope
ii) Remove the video?  Nope.
iii) Editing the videos?  Nope.
iv) Responding with some explanation or rejection of the criticism?  Nope
v) Banning me from commenting on her videos?  YEP

So.. after all that..only then did I learn of these threatening communications to Green and the death threats/violence threats.

LESSONS.  It seems that the only language the "Left" (like Green) understand and respond to is the langauge of "If you don't stop we'll kill you".

Isn't it sad..that she refuses to even correspond with those who legitimately criticize her work..and her, and does absolutely zero to remove offensive material from the net/youtube..  rather...she just barrels on full bore and keeps dishing up the degeneracy that is now her hallmark... UNTIL some bright spark threatens to kill her or maim her.  The ironic thing about that..is that the threat came from the very people she is claiming to try to 'liberate'... oh howwww ironic is that!  and dare I say..how satisfying for one who does not indulge in threats like that to achieve his political/social objectives.

LaciGreen, you stink.. I mean the stench from your vile hypocrisy and shabby narcissistic self indulgence reaches even here to Australia.  Unlike the threatening letters you received.. I won't suggest you kill yourslef.. threaten to smash your face in...or send pictures of where  you live to intimidate you.. I'll just pray for you, and who knows.. your consience might even still have a spark of life left in it..such that you can not just see but actually perceive, that you can not only listen but actually hear... If providence has been at work in all this.. you better hope that this goes no further for you from those being used to send you this message, because in ancient times you would have been warned..and then 'offed' by the whole community in one day.  It's worth keeping in mind.

YOU CAN HELP...to remove this amoral dark force for evil from youtube by using the feedback facilities to complain.  They claim she breaks no guidelines, but if enough concerned mail gets to them they might re-think.

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