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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The STING in the MYOB tail!

I'm sure there are many users of the business software MYOB out there.  But if you are satisfied, there's a strong chance you happen to have Microsoft OUTLOOK lurking on your smiling computer. Why is it smiling? aah.. because it is a 'microsoft' product and it's owners are becoming richer each time somone withOUT "outlook" on their silicon who happens (like me) to buy MYOB latest super duper uptodate ring ding bells and whistles version...specifically because you want to email out your statements and stuff...only to find that the other super duper latest ring ding bells and whistles Windows 7 and it's sidekick "Windows Live Mail" cause MYOB emailer to look stunned, stupid and stoned!!.. ie.. it just dont work folks!  Well..if you reboot your puter.. DONT send any emails... then send "one" invoice...you might be lucky..but after that? aaaah.. this is how I look when it doesn't work. (below)
Sooooo...you quickly haunt all the forums about why it don't work... and find many varieties of half answers... but then you see it.. "MYOB does not work with anything but OUTLOOK"....aaargggghhhh.... then your mood changes to techo rage.
I've finally found a use for the raging Muslim!
Anyway..bottom line is that I had to pay $144 yesterday to buy outlook for MYOB to email stuff and I am livid... but not much I can do other than vent my spleen on this blog and hopefully draw in a few hundred fellow crusaders for that day when we all rock on down to MYOB h/q and  "stone it to death".....(metaphorically speaking of course)

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