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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Male Boss and his cute Secretary-An old theme with new clothes.

 "The tone and tendency of liberalism...is to attack the institutions of the country under the name of reform and to make war on the manners and customs (and freedom) of the people under the pretext of progress." --Disraeli, "Speech in London"

On November 27, 2007, the American Red Cross Board of Governors asked for and received the resignation of President and CEO Mark W. Everson, effective immediately. The Board acted quickly after learning that Everson engaged in a personal relationship with a subordinate employee resulting in a pregnancy. It concluded that the situation constituted poor judgment on Everson’s part and diminished his ability to lead the organization in the future.
The New York Post reports that the "personal relationship" was with a married woman, Paige Roberts, mother of Winston and Quincy Roberts, CEO of the Southeast Mississippi Red Cross chapter.

This entry has nothing specific to do with the man mentioned above. That is but one example of uncountable public figures holding high office (Bill Clinton!, even Franklin Roosavelt)  who have engaged in what most people would call "immoral" behavior..   but there is a suttle incremental change happening that we should be aware of.

Consider this.

i) Starting point.. "10 Commandments"..   Number 7 is.. "Thou shalt not commit adultery"
ii) This concept predated the decalogue but was specifically codified at Sinai with Moses.
iii) Over time and the unfolding of history from that day to this, the 'taboo' of adultery has become part of our social fabric and settled idea of morality... until....now.

In spite of many high profile figures indulging in this practice, and some of them getting away with it unscathed (except for their personal circumstances.. see Roosavelt)

DANGER ZONE.  As I see it, we will be witnessing a shift in 'managed' public opinion, that progressively changes the word "immoral" to.. "Innappropriate".... which is suggestive of 'inconvenient' rather than actually 'wrong'.   This kind of thing is happening in 'progressive' political and sociology circles at an alarming rate.  For example.. a youtube contributor "LaciGreen" makes videos all about sex.... she covers every possible combination and permutation you can imagine. even to the rather gross experience of what she calls a 'queesh'... a sound like anal breaking wind, but coming from the vagina during intercourse where for reasons of the intensity of the experience, a lot of air enters the orifice and is expelled unintentionally, making the sound.    This person has declared herself to be 'pansexual'... she has a partner (male), but claims she is turned on by everything and anything between "penis and vagina".. meaning she is also attracted to females.

She spends a lot of effort to try to point out that there is a 'spectrum' of sexual orientation and identity and claims that "it's allll... good".

We have examples now of "barnyard sex" in Europe.. animal brothels for human use, we have 'post birth' abortion advocated by Dr Peter Singer, Philosopher, and a host of other signs of danger to our cultural and moral landscape.  These challenges are coming from the Left side of politics, not the Right.  But the Right has it's own issues that we should be concerned about, but that's another issue.

Moral Relativism is not a new thing, but it gained it's strongest head of steam in the late 50s and 60s with the beatnicks, hippies, yippies and counter culture. Driven and underpinned by the sordid likes of Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse who fed this craving for degeneracy, it grew from a small sapling into something more like the Redwoods of California until now.. it's like a herd of brumbies/wild horses that had been coralled but they had broken down the fence and are now racing headlong for 'freedom'.

With the now clear success of the 'gay rights' movment to manipulate public opinion and the relativising of morality, it cannot be much longer before the destigmatization of intergenerational sex (Adult Child) including the homosexual kind, will be on the table.  I now see more spiritied defences of bestiality cropping up in places where it is mentioned ..such as youtube and in forums.  Muslims in general have no problem with a 53 yr old man consummating a 'marriage' with a 9 yr old child, as Muhammad did just that with Ayesha his favorite wife. 

So the stage is set...the Rubicon has been crossed, but on some issues, the forces of Caesar are only "mid stream" many have arrived at the other side.

In the American political context, I have little patience with both the Left and the Right, because they are blighted by the same sickness.. "croney capitalism".. they both have their 'well connected friends' who get rewarded for support.  I have more time for the Tea Party at this stage, pending any verifiable revelations of ulterior motives or nefarious purpose.

Because there seems to be little hope for truth, fairness and balance in the political realm in the USA, and indeed in any Western Nation (The Eastern nations have long been basket cases so I don't even include them here), I have been driven to consider some new dimensions to the political solutions of National life. For your reflective contemplation...here they are.

The choices at present seem to be:

i) Leftist/Liberal/Progressive croney capitalists. (Masquerading as defenders of the poor)
ii) Right wing/conservative croney capitalists. (Masquerading as defenders of free enterprise)
iii) Tea Party type groups.. offering themselves as a solution to the above 2 points.
iv) Become one who can 'change the world' yourself...and fix it.

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