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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Crisis in Journalism-Would you pay for something you dont TRUST?

I've been listening to a podcast from Sydney Ideas featuring a Fairfax Journo/Editor Peter Frayback who is pretty much living out the gloom and  predicting the doom of 'traditional journalism/media'.

In his talk, he mentions that most of the public don't trust the main stream media.. in the sense that they see it as some kind of a game show where there is a 'winner' and a 'loser', and which is which depends on which paper you read.

Irrespective of the accuracy of his assesment... I feel that in the minds of many members of the public he could not be more correct!... If I want the Lefty version of issue ABC..then I'll read Fairfax..if I want the truth (are you choking yet?:)  I read Newscorp. * Not quite.. Newscorp has it's share of skewed stories for the sake of advertising sales revenue.   But I'll not pay for the deeper details of the stories.. I'm happy with the basic idea of what's happening and I'll rely on wider reading if necessary to fill in the blanks...so you digital new media barons.. you can go and get nicked!  All you want to do is employ a bunch of ideological hacks and sell advertising.

I'd rather BE the news or at least report it and process it as I feel inclined...ie.. be a blogger.  Here..I can not only vent my own ideological spleen..I can spread the 'gospel' of history as I see it, and even spread the real Gospel in the process.

If I read The Age.. or the Herald.. I end up screaming in frustration about how powerless I am to fix whatever it is that's getting to me... but the silly editor not only doesn't hear me.. he cares even less I'd say.  You have to fight for your place in the long line of commenters or letters  pages and then...even then you can be jolly well censored even when you whack them with enough truth to sink the Titanic.

TV News is not much better.. the stories are very "selected" and massaged with emphasis for particular effects.

So.. I stand tall on the bow of that ship heading to the new world of independent blog based Journalism and cry out with Leonardo DiCaprio.. "I'M KING OF THE WORRRRRRLD".. at least I can be in my own mind...right ? :)  I'm hoping though that my 'ship' of bloggism will last a bit longer than the one DiCaprio was on...

*  UPDATE.. since writing the above, I've been listening further to the podcast from Sydney Ideas.. after the lecture this bozo did the very thing I said.. except it was inverted and he was ridgy didge fair dinkum!  He said "I read the Sydney Morning Herald to find truth".... oh heck..stone the jolly crows mate.. and strike me lucky.. that joker just showed why Australia has so many Galahs here..they all fly in from these so called learning institutions and take up valuable oxygen that the rest of us could well use.  He then went on to harangue by proxy the "Murdoch News" as if it were a great Satan of journalism.. holy moly...  we need prejudiced bigots like that like we need a few extra holes in the head.

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