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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Collapse of Communism-but some stubbon ferals still believe in it!

Yesterday I viewed on APAC a lady named Anne Appelbaum speaking about the title subject. She won a pulitzer prize for her work "Gulag"... she spend many years in Eastern Europe studying the emergence and demise of Communism.

Some of her points are very worthwhile noting.

Example 1.  The German POW who was converted to Stalinism after capture and interment in a Gulag.   This person explained that he experienced a crisis of 'faith' in his previous mindset. He had been taught that Germans were the master race, and invincible.  Now he was in a Gulag..so clearly it did not work for him.  "All that I believed to be true, was suddenly meaningless" and he embraced the 'religion' of the victors..ie.. communism. 

Example 2.  A Polish partisan who had fought against Fascism/Nazism during the war, and then against the Red Army after it, found his friends all dead.. his fellow countrymen disinterested in his exploits and zero hope of Polish independence in the foreseeable future. Once again.. "All that had seemed noble and true and worthwhile was suddenly meaningless"
He also  embraced the 'religion' of the victors.

This was most illuminating, because while I already had a fair idea of this, to have it explained from someone 'on the ground' in the region was very helpful.  As I expected, the Communists looked around for anyone who might constitute a possible organiser or leader type..teachers..pastors...youth group leaders etc...and fairly much 'removed' them by one or another method to eliminate the potential threat  of them doing exactly what the Communists themselves had done in their 5th column activities to undermine the country.  This is exactly what Pol Pot did in Cambodia, except that his mass executions were a bit more accessible to the world due to TV. 
The Communists in East Germany and Poland, first ensured they grabbed all Radio stations so they could control the content.  They believed (rightly) that control of information is the key to controlling the masses. They licenced every printing press, and created communist youth groups. If you didn't join...you had no future.

Its a long story, much longer than these paragraphs can relate.. the reader should do some googling for more info.  It's not my intention to re-tell in detail all that went  on.  I'm seeking only to draw out of it some salient points which are valuable for our intellectual enrichment today.

The single most imporant factor in the disillusionment of the masses was the access to Western Radio and TV broadcasts where these victims of oppression could "see" the stark contrast between their own miserable deprived lives under communism and those of their Western contemporaries.  The Communists had promised them life would become sooooo much better under their system. But just like the ex Partisan and the German soldier.. all that 'was supposed to be true'.. could be seen to be a lie.  That's my point!

TODAY.. it's amazing, but today we see groups of hard core Marxists who rationalise the failure of Communism very simply.."But it wasn't true Socialism".. well.. if that floats their boat..fine.

 AUSTRALIA here, we have the following time warp groups:

-Socialist Alternative
-Socialist Alliance

They seem to be the main ones, and they are not backward about stepping forward to violently promote their views. They exist separately because they don't agree on some fundamentals. (Hmmm.. where have I heard of this before? err..30 yrs war perhaps?)

You need to stare into the eyes of these poor lamentable pathetic creatures to realize how much hate is in them.  I've done it.. encountered them at the odd protest or 3..and it's something to be beheld I assure you.

TOMORROW.   It seems to this blogger that there will never be the future that this or that political ideology proclaims, because the fundamental flaw in all of them is human nature.  The commies love to wax eloquent about the Paris Commune as evidence that this is not a barrier.. of course their very selective narrative of that single isoloated event neglects so much factual evidence to the contrary that it becomes like some nursery rhyme they sing themselves to sleep with.

In my view the only real 'utopian' tomorrow is one where our own hearts are transformed so as to be disconnected in a way from the circumstances of this life. I don't mean we should neglect our basic responsibilities or bury our heads in the sands of time, but I mean to transcend this 'world'.  Buddhism claims to achieve this for it's followers, but I don't see that faith as an answer, because it relies so much on subjective definitions of 'rightful'.  It seems to boil down to 'Do for others as you would have them do for you" which is fine... and even Biblical, Jesus himself said that.  But Buddhism is a science rather than a religion. (there are branches of course..some more 'religious' than others).. but if I compare Buddhism with the life and mission and legacy of Christ.. there is no comparison...  Christ addresses our deepest needs and at the end of his mission, died for us and rose from the dead.  It was the first commandment that Jesus underlined which enables mankind to even want to fulfill the second. As he said.."The first commandment is.. Love the Lord your God with all your heart"   and it is that relationship which drives us to desire to do the second. "Love your neighbour"

POLITICAL TOMORROW  With all this in mind.. you won't be surprised that I tend to become quite adventurous in my own explorations of possible political solutions to the challenges of unregenerate mankind.   Given the abject failure of all of Plato's 5 regimes, don't be surprised when someone like myself comes up with my own version.  By all means be critical.


i) Once a social order is disconnected from  eternal truths, it will go in the direction of the loudest voice which claims to be the voice of 'reason'.

ii) The voice of 'reason' is often very unreasonable, unfair and unjust, and can change from one day to the next. (see J.S. Mill .."On Liberty")


i) Communism.  'don't promise what cannot be delivered', don't try to conquer the world.

ii) National Socialism. 'Don't include racial superiority or territorial expansionist elements'

iii) Voices of sedition must be silenced. (aaah.. I'll bet your eyes opened a bit wider with that point!)

THE SOLUTION?  Wellll.. wouldn't it be wonderful if there was one :)  I do have a stab at it... but even if I was succesful, the old walnut of 'human nature' would bring it undone. So.. my solution is a bit of a mix of all of the above..and would be regarded by some as 'Tyrannical'... but even the secular Voltaire believed that the best government was by an "enlightened Monarch/Despot" and Frederick the Great of Prussia comes quite close to that.  In spite of his homosexuality, he governed with a very Biblical attitude.. seeing himself as just the 'first servant' of the Nation rather than having the divine right of kings.

Ok...here is my accumulated wisdom or ignorance, depending on your view.

'Toward Principles of a National Renewal Movement for Australia"

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