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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The HUN is coming! -The absurd hypocrisy of a MarxTard Talkfest at Sydney University!

It almost generates 'mp3 rage'.... I downloaded this discussion of 'Why History Matters' from Sydney Idea's.. a  public lecture series that features academics from various fields for the benefit of any who wish to attend.

Leading international historians will come together at the University of Sydney on Monday 26 July to discuss why history should be viewed from a global perspective.

Then this gaggle of leftwing geese just honk on and on about how places like Greece are xenophobic about the poor minority refugees that have swamped the country.. oh yes..those mean and nasty (and poverty stricken unemployed) Greeks are a mean bunch..right?    I don't know howwwww many times I heard the word "xenophobia" to describe the 'fear of the other'... when applied to minorities or refugeess or asylum seekers...


This flock of ideological galah's went tooo  far... they spoke about the rise of right wing movements, (ideological xenophobia?) and then hysterically claimed there would be a 3rd world war of an economic kind.. and guess who is going to war against everyone else? aaaah..it's..the..HUN... Germany.. there it is.. a  well disciplined, peaceful and prosperous nation that has shown how things can be when you put your head down and bum up and try try try..even after being flattened worse than Batman under a steamroller (=flatman) during the 2nd world war... but it has risen from the ashes and rebuilt itself...now...they are..


Oh the strain on my brain to hear these bozo's xenophobically cackling like a bunch of old chooks about how 'evil' peaceful Germany is, and how wonderful all the other broke or going there failed socialist Euro trash states who have followed these drongo's advice and world view...

We all know "their" solution to this EuroMess.. "take money from prosperous disciplined Germany (the HUN) and give to the dillbrains, flatheads, deadheads and meatheads of Greece who spent themselves into fiscal oblivion!,.. why? aah. so we can have.. 'equality'.... well.. it should be pretty clear that if you rip the hard earned Euros from prosperous Germany and give them to lazy Greece... either Germany will suddenly become militarized again or it will just stop working for the sake of a bunch of retarded ideologues from MarxVille and just let them all slide into economic pergatory for a decade or so.

These academics were so myopic they just couldnt see their own narrow ideological bias and prejudice... and most of all hypocrisy.

I just wish they (Sydney Ideas) would put a contrary voice on these panels to sort these morons out.

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