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Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweden Ablaze with.... 'assylum seekers' trashing the place.

If I've said once, I've said a million times.. "multiculturalism" does not, has not.. and will never...work!    People are tribal by religion and by race.. that's "it"...and no amount of cloistered chanting by the monks of politically correct madness will alter that.

Before I even read a syllable past the banner newsbite on the TV.. I 'knew' it would be.. "Malmo"..and sure enough...

Hundreds of youths burnt down a restaurant, set fire to more than 30 cars and attacked police during a fourth night of rioting in the suburbs of Stockholm, shocking a country that dodged the worst of the financial crisis but failed to solve youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers.

Violence spread across the Swedish capital on Wednesday, as large numbers of young people rampaged through the suburbs, throwing stones, breaking windows and destroying cars. Police in the southern city of Malmo said two cars had been set ablaze. (source)

If you unpack all the PC restraint and code.. it translates to:

"Muslim youth".

But...there is another important dimension to all this which is probably occurring in the background that has not been reported thus far..
WHO ...is inciting and stirring them up to action?  I suspect it is the more exitable  left/progressive wing of the Labor Party that Anders Breivik tried to demolish.. well..the Swedish version of them.

Just  a day after 2 radical Muslims hacked and dismembered a British Soldier on the streets of Woolwhich and then hung around to have it out with police.... Sweden continues to burn.

I recommend reading the Guardian story.. no need for me to repeat it here, but you will see that there was a 'trigger event'  with a man with a machete killed by police.  This kind of thing reminds me of the riots in Greece.. all from the ultra Left and anarchist groups who were fuelling immigrant violence and anger.  Sweden is reaping what it sowed, but not amount of navel gazing by those who are politically responsible will result in a change of policy....they are too far gone.. to seriously infected with the delusion of Kant's perpetual peace and Sayda Benhabibs (Yale) cheer squad for Kant..  aaah the old Cosmopolitan society.. BenHabib believes it can work... but to put it bluntly, she is a moron... a highly qualified academic yes.. has a Phd....yes..but that just makes her a phenomenal dud!

The angel of death is gathering up his robes and about to mount his apocalyptic  horse to rampage through the swamps of political correctness and do some serious beheadings..  he will pull the strings of come Communist agitators who will in turn pull the strings of impressionable and excitable muslim youth.

Peace..Peace...but there is no peace.

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