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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Speaking of.. "Decisions".. that slippery slope just got slippery-er

How many times have you heard we 'wowser' Christians banging on about a slippery slope of moral degeneracy where 'anything' will go in the not too distant future.  We have this bubbly little brat on youtube "LaciGreen" doing 'sex+' after experiencing serious cognitive dissonance, feeling suicidal and depression when 'her' ideas about sex were contrary to the morality her parents taught her... then opting for the dark side rather than the 'force' and rather than just limited the damage to herself, she now imparts her crackpot views on (im)morality to the general public in a very regrettably infectious personality.

But we in Australia had Senator Corey Bernadi raising the slippery slope in Parliament in connection with homosexual marriage, where he declared "If we allow homosexual marriage, we have no grounds for NOT allowing...... " (a list of things)  one of them was bestiality.

Now.... call me a wild speculator but.... the image below looks remarkably like.. the public promotion of.. just that.

WTF means in this case "Watch the forbidden"....hmmm Well.. all I can say is Bernadi, myself and millions of other people who have a moral compass which is not spinning around according to the nearest stray magnetic field... were right, are right and will continue to be right on this issue.

My biggest concern is that 'you' are the victim of this rubbish. Don't think about people being wowsers..just thing of 'you' being damaged by desperately greedy people who care nothing for morality and everything for their own profit by undermining the rest of us with the line of least resistance!

The most Important Decision we can make:

The word "repent" seems a bit old hat these days, but it's the best word to describe the biggest decision of life. One day, even now.. the risen Christ is knocking on the door of your heart, you can decide to open to door.. or lock it with a dead lock of a doomed destination to perdition. I'm not in the 'threats' business.. I'm simply stating a fact. If you lock the door today, who knows? By elective providence you might open it another day, but as for me.. I want to know I did what I could to see you open that door. Let all those neuroses go, let all that guilt be washed away, and be filled with the Spirit of Grace... outcome ?  "Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, self control, gentleness".

You have love, because He first loved us.
You have joy, because you came to him lame and can now leap without guilt.
You have peace, because you came to Him sightless and now you can see. 
You have patience because you know the Lord of this Universe is now guiding your life.
You have kindness because while still His enemy, He showed kindness to you.
You have self control because now He is in control.
You have gentleness because though we deserve nothing but eternal judgement, we were given grace and forgiveness.

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