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Friday, May 3, 2013

My dog always get's whupped! (Aussie and American Politics)

There was a man who had a small dog.. and it was always getting into fights with bigger dogs and predictably, always coming off second best!  A man said to the dog owner.. "Your mutt isn't a very good fighter is it?"  The owner replied.. "He's a great fighter, but a poor judge of dog!"

How is your judgement going Australia? How is your discernment going America? Are you poor judges of politicians? of policies?  Can you not see the end at the beginning? The Eurozone is, in my opinion, about to explode with the notable exception of Germany.  The reasons are simple:

i) All of them have an adversarial socio political system. "Them...and Us"  Politically this usually resolves into Left and Right so called.  It is the "Left" though, which has used empty unfunded promises of utopian bliss to get power.. then, as France found out .. they try to punish the wealth creators into financial oblivion even that is not enough.  Interestingly, Germany was the one country which came closest to  a "nationalist" system of government and now, having that inherited disposition, is the best placed to survive.

ii) Over Promising, Over spending, Under funding.   This is a direct result of the above point... because in an adversarial system, you are bound and obligated to 'offer more, bigger, better' than the other mob. But..offering the sun the moon and the stars when you only have the tiny remnants of a burnt out meteorite, is not going to serve either you or your country well for long.

I suggest that the electorate dog is getting continually whipped by the bigger dog of greedy political pooches, that we end up powerless to provide for our dependants.  We didn't judge that political dog well.  Perhaps one reason is that there was no other choice?  Well..of course there are the Right wing parties who mainly promise to reduce spending, reduce debt and reign in extravagance... but that message goes down like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah.  And so.... we reap what we sowed out of our own greed and short term considerations.

I wonder what the person who has paid off his mortgage, reared his children well, and has only his twilight years to relax in on his verandah,- thinks about all this?  He probably thinks.. "I could fix this stuff up, but I don't have enough time left in this world..so.. who cares?"

But what about 'you' ?  In the Australian context we have a new party..the United Australia Party led by the almost cartoon like character of Clive Palmer, who happens also to be a very very wealthy road runner.  He echo's a lot of my own cynical thinking about the current two party system...and it will be most interesting to observe his performance in the next federal election in September.

Will I be voting for him ? Heck.. I might even end up as a local candidate for that party.. you never know!

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