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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LaciGreen (Youtube) is a shameful ungrateful degenerate child of very very sad Parents.

5th  Commandment  

Ex 20:12  "Honor your father and mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you"

This feral girl, has shamed and disgraced  her religious parents in more ways than I can count.  I don't happen to share her parents (mormon) faith, but I do respect the desires of their heart to live honorably before God as they understand Him.  Their daughter is free to do as she wishes regarding the faith, but to overtly attack her parents values and spit in their faces with her disgusting sex centred video's is beyond the pale. When I say 'sex centered' I mean exactly that and I mean it in the sense that she has not a molecule of divine light in her presentations..not a hint of selfless love...not a whisper of deep and abiding family..no..it's about 3 things.. penis, vagina and anus.  Humanity is reduced to the absolute lowest possible demonimator (that was not a typo!) and she not only goes against every syllable of her mum and dad's heart...the glories in her debauchery, she shouts it from the hilltops and broadcasts it for millions to see.

You might think "Who is 'he' to judge her?"  but that misses the point... it's not about me..it's about SOMEone who needs to stand up and be counted and not be concerned about my own 'planks'  while I draw attention to her 'specks'.... there are times when something simply must be said..and done. We are all sinners... quite true..but some of us are ashamed of our sin..and while not perfect.. would dearly love to be better than we are.. this girl is the opposite..not only is she wallowing in her amoral filth...she is glorying in it..she not only approves "those who do likewise" but she actively and enthusiastically  encourages it.

She runs a web site and youtube chanel "Sex +"    I am waging war against her actions..and am calling for a massive write in/ban campaign from as many as possible.  The details and the ways of combatting her influence are found here.

Puh-lease don't give me any vain empty clap trap about "But your judging her"...DAMN RIGHT I AM!...with absolute confidence and no holding back.  I draw that line* that Mill spoke of.. 'here'...and I have not the slightest intention of backing off from it.

*J.S.Mill.. "On Liberty"  speaks of the line between absolute freedom and absolute authority in relation to private opinions and public acts.

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