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Thursday, May 23, 2013

LaciGreen get's death threats!

Well well well.. this rather surprised me.  It seems  Grime..I mean Green...has ducked for cover because she supects that some 'Social Justice' ferals from Tumblr have made threats against her life...even sending photo's of her apartment to her.. so they know where she lives...

All this over the use of the word "Tranny" for Transvestite in a video she did 3 years ago, when she was 18 ?.... Well.. NOWWWW maybe she realizes that things which are small to her... can be HUGE to others.. and for me.. her whole 'polymorphous perversity' angle about sex is disturbing, depressing and dissappointing that one so bright and bubbly, would descend to such depths of ignorance and slease to make a few bucks on youtube.

She could be using her 'powers' for good..but she chooses to use them for evil... and then not even realizing that they are in fact evil.  Herbert Marcuse is pulling her strings from the pit of hell, and making her dance to his damnation tune.  Everything he wrote about in "Eros and Civilization" in 1955..is coming out through Green...as if she is posessed by his evil spirit or something kinda x-files-ish.

Green has now reaped what she sowed.  If you annoy enough people..and come over loud and proud about things that people utterly reject.. then you will for sure end up encountering some galahs like the 2 Muslims who just hacked a soldier to death in Woolwhich England.

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