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Thursday, May 9, 2013

It Came Upon us...drip by drip (German Woman in 1930s)

In a doco I'm watching right now, "World at War" examining the rise of Hitler, a German woman and a man are interviewed where the woman says "the way Hitler managed it was, that it came upon us, drip by drip, not overnight"

We are being dripped on even now..but by a different tyrant in the making. It's called Fabian Socialism and Progressive politics.

"If would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment...... those who hope that the Negro just needed to blow off some steam today, will have a rude awakening tomorrow if the nation just returns to business as usual" said MLKjr in 1963...

For me..and for the nation.. the urgency of the moment is to realize where we are in our own history and to recognize the forces which are relentlessly trying to shape it .. "remould it(the world), closer to the hearts desire" (ie..the desire of Fabian socialists)  see the banner at the top.

Fabian Window.. used to be in the London School of Economics..founded by Fabians
 See the image on the shield between the two men with the hammers .. above the 'ball' thing..which is the globe. Notice it is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Julia Gillard (and most Labor prime ministers and ministers) are Fabian Socialists.  The clearest expression of their agenda has been seen in the recent "Anti Discrimination Bill" which is anything BUT anti discrimination.. it even contains text which declares that when the bill itself does discriminate that.. "This is not discrimination".    I won't give you a lashing with the various court cases which demonstrate that such laws are aimed fairly and squarly at ONE group and one group alone..."White Aussies"...but trust me..they are there..and I don't sell insurance or used cars and I'm only an amature "Lawyer".

SOLUTION.   One of the reasons I utterly hate reading anything and everything John Pilger writes.. is that he is long on criticism and attack..and short on solutions. He is of course  a thorough going communist, which explains his sole calling in life ie.. to destroy the great capitalist Satan..the USA.
But I have a solution.. it's called sensible Nationalism.  You can read about it here.   It is 'towards'...not a final definitive cure.  On an individual level..the only 'cure' for our situation is personal renewal through faith in Christ... repentence..forgiveness.. transformation and new life.

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