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Thursday, May 23, 2013

If you Start with "Equality" where does it take you?

That's the question!  If you begin to evaluate life and society with the idea of "Equality" in mind...it will take you into a plethora of unhappy places populated with unhappy people.  The areas of society where this word is made into a political and 'social justice' issue are usually:

-Male Female (gender)
-Majority Minority.

I have a more important question, why is 'culture' not taken into consideration by those promoting their vision of 'equality' ?   The only time it is....is when the usual rentacrowd is barking up a storm about some minority culture group that needs this or that or the other 'accomodation' for them to feel comfortable in the majority host country.

Let's take.. "equality" in the area of economics.   But let's extend this to include equality of housing.. clothing..  so..we have:

Equal Pay
Equal Clothing
Equal homes

Now.. I just ask, have you ever...ever seen a country that has been the subject of some kind of 'equality' revolution (marxist) where the top dog on the pile post revolution is  being paid the same wages, wearing the same clothes.. inhabiting the same type of house... driving the same (if any) type of car.... as the lowest coolie?

Of course not.. it never has happened and never will.  The reason is that the term 'equality' is just a convenient weapon that socialist ferals like to use to bash the great Satan.. 'Capitalism' in order to reduce it to ruins and then take over in the name of 'the people'.... where upon the smart socialist ferals inevitably become the new 'elite' and dwell, dress, and get paid accordingly... while those they manipulated and managed in order to gain power....simply rot on the sidelines.

Marxist/Socialist revolution is really only about replacing one form of privileged elite..(Let's call them 'old money') with a new mob.. "new money" (now that they have their hands on the levers of state).

Of course the only kind of equality that their willing foolish helpers and foot soldiers experience is an equality of poverty, unrewarded toil, and struggling just to eat. 

TASMANIA... aah yes.. the glowing light of socialist folly.. Labor Premier Lara Giddings has run out of money, and falling revenue's is one of the reasons. So she has two choices...  the wise choice is...."stop spending what you don't have"..and the unwise choice is.. borrow more money to keep going at your current unsustainable lifestyle"...
Do I need to state which path she chose?   Let's just say it was not the brightest light on the Christmas tree when wisdom was being dished out.  I'm sure Lara can wangle a very good 'post election' deal for herself.. after all..she is Premier.  But..the poor dum twits who voted her in.. will languish in the corners of some greeny protected forest humpy while wondering if they'd have a job if the quite sustainable lumber industry was still kicking along.  Bob Brown or his homo buddy/partner won't come along and see how they are going.. they are off to their next battle to destroy Australia.

CONCLUSION.  "Equality" is a most misleading term. When it comes to gender, it's absurd to try to compare males and females. The most equality they can hope for is equality of pay for equal work and equality before the law.  Clothing? The  French Revolution required all loyal revolutionaries to wear the same clothes.. Parisian working class attire.. that way they could recognize the 'snobby' mob and hack their heads off. Housing ? well let's just say that little boxes made of ticky tacky and all looking the same is not exactly inspiring.
Perhaps the saying 'Every long march begins with the first step" could be modifed.. "The first step you take..determines the direction and ultimate destination"

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