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Monday, May 6, 2013

I will rule America!

Yep..you heard it here first..   I'm going to 'rule' America by remote control.  This blog will become the "central committee of one", but it won't be a utopian paradise of worker rule.. nor will it be a playpen of the rich and famous.. both of those things end up like, well..  a sordid mess!

Nope.. I'm going to dispense advice and make pronouncements (Like I've not already been doing that for yonks!). and all I need is for some willing and more to the point 'able' people to actually listen..and take appropriate action!

Wild and hysterical pronouncements like this one, are, it seems, quite in character with the quality of leadership currently presiding over the demise of a once great nation, so.. nothing is to be lost by having a rant like this.

Now a classic example... and the basis for my first 'edict'..... tonight I was watching Stossel on Fox...and he was interviewing this deluded individual named .. (you will NOT believe this)  "David MADland".... you cannot make this stuff up.... it was the single most appriate tag this individual could have had... considering his empty vacuous arguments on the benfits of Unions.
I better link you to him for accuracy's sake.... (To Unionize or not to unionize)

One example of Madlands madness.."You can never be 'forced' to join a union"... huh???????

The "Employee free choice Act" is the very thing which facilitates that force..you only need to read what Unions say about it to realize this.  The real name of the Act is.. "Employee no choice act" unless of course you understand 'choice' to be the right to choose 'not' to sign a chunk of paper shoved in your face personally by a couple of burley Union organizers, which is really the 'choice' to have your car trashed, your home invaded or for you to be mugged at a moments notice.(by union enforcers of course!)... now.. that kind of 'force' has a very negative outcome depending on who it is.
See ** below for an example.

Stossel had just finished explaining how Henry Ford...withOUT any Union clammering had reduced the work day to 8 hours and gave way above normal pay packets.. and this clown was maintaing that only.. repeat..'ONLY' by Unions can workers get a fair go.  He also said that Unions provide a level playing field of power so that they can negotiate with employers with 'equal power'... hmmm ok.. strike one.  Mr Madman or Madland.. seems to forget one vital and core issue, the 'workers' didn't sink their life savings plus borrowed money into the enterprise which will inevitably fail if it cannot compete! Nope...they give their labor, which is fair trade..
i) The Enterprise says. "I will pay this much for such and such a work"
ii) The person needing work looks at that and...in theory says one of 2 things...

1/ Yep..I can do that.
2/ Nope.. that work is terrible for the pay and conditions they are offering...and he walks past that job to another.

MARKET FORCES. Now.. if his obseration is valid... not just 'he' will walk past that job, but so will most other people.  Eventually, the owner might tweak to the fact that he needs to offer more..ok...that's his decision.
PROBLEM FORCES.  But when an enterprise owner hires 50 people in good faith, on the understanding of this or that work..for such and such a pay...and THEN some nefarious malignant stirrer comes along as white ants the whole thing by telling those workes he can get them more if they will just let him 'organize' them....welllllll. *that*...is a problem..and...
...if you give me my green card and make me dictator for 2 yrs..I'll fix that in the first week!   I'll do a Scott Walker on turbo..and I'll guarantee those ferals who were hanging from the rafters in Wisconsin's congressional building won't be there after I string the first 20 or so up and position them in public! (remember..I'm role playing here) Of course at the same time.. (actually before all hell breaks loose) Union organizers and functionaries would be the subject of a 'mass dissapearance' never to resurface again... and having dealt with that end of town.. the next move would be to string up Marc Rich and people of that ilk.. at least until greed get's KO'd by common sense and reason and a side salad of National interest and basic Justice!  A few Wall street rabble  will be impaled along the side of the street...because hey..it worked for Vlad Tepesh!... he impaled so many muslim converts and Turkish Ottomans that the Sultan lost heart and turned around after seeing mile after mile of 'stick' figures.

You would not want to be a 'progressive' under my rule...because the only place I'll progress you to is oblivion! 


Now.. we can do this the hard way or the easy way... the hard way is for me to come over from Kangaroo land.. and bounce around the place kicking heads...  or...you can do it yourself.. (remember,  'I rule'- right?)

My real life solutions to all your social ills are not really found in this tongue in cheek, cheeky poke at you in America.. but they are found here.. with a bit more thoughfulness involved.  Just replace "Australia" with America and Bobs your uncle.

I'll make Stossel my "Industrial Relations Czar" and put him in charge of economic harmony.
O'Reilly will be my 'propaganda' Czar and.. Greta will be "Womens Czar"... Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman will be ceremonially sacrificed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Beck will be my 'conspiracy' detection  attack dog. 

** A young man needing to support himself in Vienna, went to a construction site..and was quickly invited/ordered...to 'join the union'.  This young man resented being ordered to join, and declined.  The organizers ramped up the anti a bit when.....

Some of the leaders among my adversaries ordered me to leave the building or else get flung down

from the scaffolding. As I was quite alone I could not put up any physical resistance; so I chose the first alternative and departed, richer however by an experience. 

But guess what?  he wasn't "alone" for much longer..this experience shaped his thinking and moulded his resolve.. until he became..Adolph Hitler the man with the power...and then..oooooh THEN..he sorted out all those Union types quick smart...packing them off to Dachau and had them doing Star jumps for their exercise each day.  Now..the smart money is not on a clone or repeat of young Adolph...he had 2 problems..a "racial superiority complex" and... "territorial ambitions"...those 2 aspects of his psyche were his downfall.  Today's budding 'tyrant' will avoid those things like the plague. Instead..he will focus on the well being of the Nation and rather than appealing to peoples racial prejudices... he will appeal to their sense of national pride and social unity that must cross all racial boundaries. He will deal  swiftly and severly with any voice that tries to stir up racial prejudice whether that person be black, white or brindle, Asian, Hispanic or even Canadian! 

Funny thing.. the reason I can mock and stir like this is... not that I think such a person would ever arise in the USA...but because I DON'T... and that leaves you in a damn jolly mess of terrestrial proportions.  Everyone who is trying to sell you some "I know it now, and if you buy my vid..you can too" from good old NewsMax (=newsmin) or WND.. who have been speaking about a Stock market CRASH but "LO".... we have all seen it crank up to the stratosphere this week.. breaking 15k ..wooooo.. everything must be good again...right?

Nope.. not so. I don't have a video or DVD but I do have a reality check.  Consider this.. If an "Economy" is to grow..it must :  i) Dig stuff up and sell it overseas.  ii) Invent some new widget, make it locally and sell it overseas as well as locally  iii) Grow heaps of stuff and sell that overseas.

Apart from those things, you are just swishing existing money around the bucket.  You ain't putting more INTO the bucket. So all that will happen is that things can 'look' good when the government borrowed from the people (T Bills) ..sloshes that money into the economy.. making it 'look' like it's growing churning along...when in reality.. that movement/momentum will only last until the impact of the stimulus wears off... then it will be like a  football that has just been raped by an icepick!

So..I better get that green card quick smart...you clearly cannot help yourselves.. too many inter-related cross wired vested interest. 

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