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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hitler on Trial-the Mockumentary.

Sub title.. "Truth about History on trial"

I've just come in from the lounge room, where I noticed that the Doco "Hitler on Trial" is being shown. (one of the NatGeo or Discovery chanels).   Hitler has been soeboena'd by Litten, a Jewish Lawyer, to give evidence about various incidents which involved an attack on a left wing/marxist 'social club'...

a popular dance hall frequented predominantly by left-wing workers. The victims were members of a migrant workers' association that was holding a meeting at the Tanzpalast Eden ("Eden Dance Palace") in Berlin. Three people were killed and 20 injured in an attack that was planned in advance.

Historical Context.   Before drawing any conclusions about the rightness or wrongness of this attack, (quite apart from the legality/illegality issue)  we need to understand that the SA (StormTroopers) of that time were only the analog of the Marxist Armed wing which did exactly the same thing to those it considered 'enemies'...this included vicious attacks on Nationalist meetings to try to break them up by breaking as many heads as they could.  The reason they were unsuccessful in this is twofold in my opinion. Firstly it was the fanatical dedication of the Nationalists, as Hitler had decided way back when there were only 7 members of the party, including himself, that they must embrace the party views and program as a 'living faith'.  The second reason is that many of these German socialists were in fact converted to Nationalism during the meetings.. by the force of Hitlers Oratory. 

So it must not by any stretch of the imagination be thought that the stormtroopers were the only 'military' thugs so to speak roaming around the then Weimar Republic.  We tend to remember them most clearly because they dispensed with the Marxists/Socalists and Communists (who had the same goals but for a different source ie..Soviet Russia) by power of numbers.

In the back of Hitlers mind, there are two other factors at least which must have contributed to his rage at being subjected to the cagey strategy of Hans Litten to try to undermine him as a political force.  The first is that with Litten being Jewish, Hitler would remember in vivid detail the events of 1918/19 where another Jew,  Kurt Eisner,  had agitated a large crowd of German workers, and incited them to take over Bavaria, after forcing the King to abdicate and flee.... with Eisner himself as the new boss... Eisner declared himself "Premier of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Bavaria".

During the brief period of the Bavarian revolution, there were certain names which crop up as figuring prominently in this coup.. and surprise surprise.. most of them are.....Jewish! 

So.. now back at the trial..and Hitler, having risen to considerable prominence by now and an ardent Nationalist, is being attacked by a Jew..using German law, to destroy his nationalist vision for Germany.  Litten, and his marxist allies, had already demonstrated their "sins" in trying to take over Bavaria..in the name of the Soviet Union!... so it is absurd to regard Hitler as being qualitatively different from these people.  They were just as cruel, just as merciless and just as intent on territorial acquisition..but for Russia  and Marxism rather than Germany and it's Nationalism.  Hitler hated the Jews.. and the Jews hated the Nationalists.

All this is happening before there were any concentration camps or death squads or anything like that.

So.. does it really surprise the objective student of history that these events may well have contributed to the intensity and breadth of the 'holocaust' ?  In that trial, Hitler saw in Litten, every evil thing he had ever experienced from them during his adult life. Including his being bullied on building sites by Jewish led Unions.. "Join our union or we will hurl you off a scaffold"...is not something you forget in a hurry.

CONCLUSION.  The extremly biased and unbalanced treatment of Litten in the documentary demonstrates clearly that it is motivated by the same atavistic hatred for Nationalism that characterized the Marxists of Litten's day. If we consider who actually runs the main stream media (as it was in the 20s in Germany) .. it should not be any surprise that such a prejudicial treatment is offered to us as a 'documentary'.   I am not in the slightest manner seeking to deny or minimize the atrocities committed by the empowered Nazis, however.. I am seeking to present the fuller picture and hopefully we can all take a deep breath and comprehend more about actions and consequences.
I find myself  becoming 'incandescent' with anger myself when I consider the outrageous "Litten" type attack by one of our own Jewish Lawyers in Melbourne...former federal court Judge Ron Merkel...who, in my opinion tried to pervert the course of justice in the trial of Dutch backgrounded Journalist Anrdrew Bolt over some articles he wrote about fair skinned aboriginals. I was in the courtroom... and could not believe my ears...  The Judge..Mordecai Brombergs was also Jewish....and Merkel claimed that the very mild and public interest minded articles by Bolt were "like the beginnings of the holocaust"... now bear in mind..Merkel is Jewish and so was the Judge!.. both of them probably lost relatives in Auschwitz...and to use that kind of incendiary and reckless terminology in a court of law, makes an utter mockery of Justice.

Merkel had essentially labelled all White Australians of British Ancestry as "Soon to be Mass murderers of Aboriginals on an industrial scale".  This is not just my own understanding of the matter..as it cropped up in the main stream media as well.  Merkels culpability is further underlined in that he, having served as a federal court judge, would be more aware than most about the potential impact of his terminology.  If I was Merkel.. I'd be watching for some Nationalist who had the powers of persuasion and ability to sway the masses like Hitler did... because as it came back to bite Litten in the rear end..with a very arduous stint in Dachau.. who knows whether such a person in Australia also has a long and vivid memory?

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