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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Promotion to an inglorious demise. Wiliam Jennings Bryan

Some people have a very deep sense of irony and mockery.  The layers of reality that are sometimes contained in a single act can astound us if we only dig a bit deeper.

9/11 is one such event.   the 11th of September was the date.  It could have been called "We're Ba-aack" meaning the forces of Islam are now resurgent.  Why so?  Very simply.. the last great battle between the invading powers of Islam...the Ottoman Turks was at Vienna.  That was the battle, in 1683 when the Ottomans were defeated and repelled for the first time.. had this battle been lost, the whole of Europe would today be very 'Arab/Turk/Muslim' flavored.   The significance of the choice of date for the attack is found in this..the date of the Battle of Vienna was.. the 11th of September.

PRESIDENT William McKinley, was often told that he bore a strong resemblance to Napoleon.
He was nominated for the presidency on the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

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