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Monday, May 6, 2013

A final Solution for Australia's Refugee invasion

We simply must make a definite decision about how to end this ugly stream of willful country shoppers from entering our country.   The people who come here by boat,are obscenely relying on the misguided compassion of many Australians on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are relying on the veritable army of leftist lawyers who cannot find employment outside marginal 'social' causes and who in turn, rely on rapaciously suckling from  that sow of inexaustable milk.. "Legal Aid".

This bloke has an idea... he would charge a 'fee' and then let them all come here!...but his goal is just to stop the boats..not to stop the social and political damage of uncontrolled numbers simply 'getting' here.

Becker argues that as well as being a revenue raiser for governments, the policy would ensure that only the most productive and skilled immigrants would be attracted because they would be able to generate the highest returns from their investment in the entry fee. Having paid the fee, the immigrants would be committed to their adopted country and keen to make a go of it. (from the link)

COMMENT.. once here, they will also 'vote' and given their high sensitivity to political winds, they will vote in harmony with their own sense of destiny and that will not be compatible with Aussies vision for their land.

The simple inescapable fact is.. Australia is a pretty good place to be, and more than the whole population of this country damn well knows it and given even a quarter of a chance would be here within seconds if there was transport that could bring them that fast.  Every two bit, tinpot, whinger from places like Sri Lanka where Tamil suicide bombers failed to murder the Sinhalise Government, now want to make Australia their new base of fundraising and operations to rebuild their failed communist revolution.  Hanging onto their coat tails are many Sinhalese who think that a change of economic scenery and circumstances would be advantageous.

Many people who had been told "Don't speak out against the government" in Iraq, but persisted in doing so, now want to live in Australia where they can continue to undermine the government in cooperation with their political allies the so called Greens (Revolutionary Extremist wolves in Fabian sheeps clothing).

Every piece of string has an end.. and what goes up, must come down. The upward path of "We will keep on coming no matter what" will now meet the immovable object of "Not on our watch pal". Thereby, the upward and 'onward ho' of the boats will find a downward ho hum of "Turn around now or we'll blow you out of the water"!

Obviously the bullying the bluster and the bulldung of the communist Left will incessently remind our spineless "leaders" of their so called "International Obligations"* and try to claim that we are just "scapegoating desperate vulnerable people".

Well.. it goes without saying that those who care more about some sickening remote distant internationalist  'global governance' regime, would care little for our own backyard at the National level. Many of these so called 'refugees' are the people who tried to undermine their own government in Iran or Iraq. The Refugee Action Collective calls them 'Democracy Activists'.. but when you look more closely at their political activities you will find that such people are very much either communists or socialists and are tied to violent movements which aim to overthrow a government.
The Refugee Action Collective tries to answer 19 questions in their fact sheet about Reffo's.. but not ONE of those questions is.. "how much does it cost Australia to deal with these people?"
As I said at the beginning.. every piece of string....has an end. This applies to economic resources also. So let's have a squizz at them! Let's talk about the cost of putting these feral country shoppers up and taking care of these 'vulnerable desperate' people!
Notice how the cost for Last year.. 1.1 billion..THIS year.. it's $2.2 billion!

I'm afraid the piece of economic string, and the string of good will ran out longggg ago and anything over a few million is too much over anything resembling reasonable committment, it has extended into the twighlight zone of stupidity,lunacy and recklessly culpable irresponsibility!

No before you get carried away with throwing words like no compassion for "desperate" people, come back down to earth and let's talk some reality.

You have a business partner and you create a joint bank account.  You have between you $1,000,000 in capital at 50/50 each.  Your 50% is your life savings, you also mortgated your house again to find it. You have agreed to purchase machines, a factory, an engineer, workers and materials and you have a time line.  You neglected to make sure of one thing.. because you trusted your partner who made you copious promises of utopia once the enterprise got going.

You both sign the papers for the land.. and begin construction of the factory. Funds are allocated and you know that you've only committed around $200k for the land and signed up with a builder to make progress payments for a factory which will cost $300K.  You see his escavators rock up.. dirt is being moved, and the frame is put inplace.. First progressive payment is due. You receive your copy of the bank statement and find...to you shock... that there is only around $50k in the bank!  In utter panic you almost punch your fingers through your mobile keypad frantically calling your partner... he answers and you scream through the phone.. "Mate..where the hell has our money gone??????"  And he calmly replies that his cousin had a sudden and unexpected financial challenge and he need a short term heads up.... $100k.. but he'll definitely pay it back as soon as his investment comes good!  and so it goes .. sob story after sob story that your 'partner' who you trusted with your life savings and the roof over your head... woffles on about why it was his 'moral obligation' to help those in desperate need!

You get in your 10 yr old hyundai excel.. (all that you can afford now) and drive as fast as you can to your lawyers office. You begin legal proceedings.  All the people your partner has helped, and their relatives, start to make dark faced accusastions that you are "just looking for a scapegoat"

NO... it is not a 'scapegoat' you are looking for..it is a scoundrel!  an untrustworthy cheat! You are not looking for anyone other than the ONE person who caused your now sudden bankruptcy and homelessness! You are looking for.. a Reason!

What is DESPERATE? Let me introduce you to Mr Desperation!  I know him very well.. I've worn his clothes, I've walked in his shoes, I've carried his backpack.. I know him. He is the man who had to wait 5 hours at the emergency room for urgent treatment instead of 2 hours that an extra doctor would have provided. He is the man on a pension with acute and chronic toothache because there is no emergency dental service that extra funding would have provided. He is the man who nearly loses his son from an exploding appendix while waiting for the man with the stubbed toe in the hospital emergency room to be attended to by the only doctor there. He is the man who's wife died in hospital because the nurses were too overworked to pay the detailed attention to his wifes condition. He is the man who cannot find a school for his child with less than 40 children in it..because of lack of funding for education.

So next time you wonder why you don't have Affordable health care.. ask why not?

Next time you find your child to be confused and barely literate due to lack of teachers.. ask "why?"

Next time you have toothache and cannot get treatment from a publically funded Dentist..ask "why not?"
Next time you have to wait in an interminable line at Centrelink for your daily bread because of lack of staff .. ask "Why?"
Next time you find yourself homeless and there is  no publically funded refuge that isn't bursting at the seams with other people who got there first.. ask"Why?"

Now you know "Mr Desperation" and he lives in our streets, in our suburbs, in our cities and he is an Australian.

The simple fact is that 2.2 billion dollars can go a heck of a long way to alleviating such social troubles and desperations.

The Bible says "Any man who does not look after his own family is worse than an infidel"...and whether or not you believe in the Bible.. I think you can identify with those sentiments in regard to a Government which is supposed to govern with the consent of the people.

This is not the time to indulge in the luxury of cooling off.. or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism... NOW is the time to call a spade a spade! NOW is the time to re-evaluate our priorities.
NOW is the time to lift our nation up from the dark desolate valley of squandering our national resources. NOW is the time to make justice real for all  Australians!  NOW is the time to lift our people from the quicksand of rash and reckless irresponsibility in Canberra.

When you are in a crowded theatre and you see smoke and flames coming from a malfunctioning light, you would only be a compete fool to stutter and stammer about "Perhaps it might be time to reconsider our need to be here..ummm I think it might be in our interests to leave"...NO!....what you do is.. scream at the top of your voice....


It might be illegal to do that when there is no actual fire.. but when there is a fire.. there's nothing else to do. Trying to tell people to be calm and orderly won't amount to a hill of beans.. it's surival of the fittest and fastest to the exits.

Is that smoke I see coming from the Federal Labor party in Canberra?

* When people travel through other countries to get to a 3rd country, rather than going directly, they are no longer eligable for classification of 'Refugee' status.  Futher. Pakistan has signed the UN treaty, and therefore, the only conceivable reason people from Afghanistan would come to Australia is for a... 'better life' but not safety because they can find that next door in Pakistan.  Refer to the explanatory notes and detailed discussion of Article 1 of the UN Convention. You will find the word "directly" used in connection with people seeking a refuge.

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